Software to ensure fast police response to accidents: the “02 Accident Card”

Customer: Moscow City Police Department

The 02 Accident Card (02 AC) software is designed to quickly inform on-duty police officers about accidents and crimes in Moscow. The 02 AC application automates the work of police hotline operators as well as local police station staff who receive accident and crime reports over the phone, triggering a fast police response to each report.

The 02 AC software makes it possible to collect, store and process incoming reports from citizens. As each report is registered in the system’s database, law enforcement officers in charge of responding to this information are immediately notified by the system.

The system enables senior police officers to supervise and control all stages of incident report processing by local police stations and on-duty units. Quality control is assured by means of an internal response monitoring system.

The 02 AC is also capable of automatic generation of analytical and statistic reports.

The system has been in regular operation since 2002; it has now been deployed at over 350 workstations. It deals with an average of about 20 thousand reports a day and has over 800 users.

Development and implementation of an information system for the Citizenship and Visa Service

Customer: Federal Migration Authority Moscow

The system is designed to automate the operations of the Federal Migration Service, including the issuance of IDs and passports to Russian Federation citizens, citizenship application processing and registration of foreign citizens. Its functions cover online collection and processing of information concerning migrants present in Moscow, data on issued and missing government IDs and passports, on issued affidavits for visitors as well as temporary and permanent residence permits. The system registers any infringement of immigration regulations by foreign citizens and maintains a list of legal entities that can issue passports and visas.

The automated system links the Migration Authority’s central office with borough branches and district offices. It includes a central subsystem, ten borough subsystems and 126 district subsystems. The system is used online by 1,500 staff.