Specialized and Custom Software Solutions

Jet Infosystems has been dealing with the development of specialized corporate software for over 10 years. Our Software Center employs more than 100 analysts, software developers, project managers, testers and technical writers. The Center has a branch in Nizhniy Novgorod.

Our software experts deliver an entire range of services, from pre-project assessment and analysis to system deployment, user training and support. Whenever needed, the new system would be integrated with the customer’s existing IT environment.

Software Development Management

Software development management tools are of the utmost importance since they help deliver the product on time and guarantee its quality. To this end, the company takes advantage of a customized version of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) framework that specifies detailed procedures for each stage of software development. These include version control, the defect life cycle, design revision, requirement changes, code re-factoring, the delivery of software updates and patches and so on. The consistent use of these procedures ensures true control over the schedule as well as the quality of software development, with clear reporting procedures providing for detailed cost management.

RUP procedures require a certain composition of the project team that would usually include a release manager, an analyst, a systems architect and a test manager, plus several developers, testers and technical writers.

The clear division of labor in the team means its potential may be tapped fast, while the tight project discipline ensures reliable progress assessment and sound risk management.

Information Technologies

In terms of architecture, we prefer three-tier systems with:

  • The Date Storage Tier: Based on Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL database management frameworks
  • The Business Logic Tier: Built around Java technologies (WebLogic, WebSphere, Jboss and so on). Transaction-intensive systems may also take advantage of specialized software such as Kabira Transaction Switch
  • The User Interface Tier: Depending on specific needs, in practice, any technology can be used, from Web2.0 interfaces to .Net and Java Swing

Testing Framework

The Jet Service Center experts usually employ automated end-to-end testing procedures. This way, a new product version is subject to full regression testing rather than a selective checking of new functions. Such testing of a Jet product lasts several hours and includes some 1500 individual procedures.

Automated checking procedures may be run in stress-test situations. User interfaces are, of course, tested manually as well.

Standard Solutions

  • Integration of new applications with the existing information infrastructure for telecommunications operators
  • High performance payment systems
  • Digital archiving

Special solutions have been developed for law enforcement agencies:

  • Quick response systems (“02 Police hotline”)
  • IT support for law enforcement agencies such as; database development and single-point access to information resources
  • Automated “Population Register” systems


  • BEA
  • IONA
  • Kabira
  • Oracle
  • Sun Microsystems
  • TIBCO and more