Specialized Solutions and Services for Telecommunications Operators

The development and customization of solutions for telecommunications operators has been a strategic priority for Jet Infosystems since 2005, including:

  • Development and deployment of a platform for landline and wireless access to telecommunications services (Fixed Mobile Conversion)
  • Integration of new applications with the existing information infrastructure for telecommunications operators
  • Creation of information security systems for telecommunications subscribers (content filtering, spam control and so on)
  • Protection of data transfer networks, certification of communications networks for compliance with information security regulations
  • Implementation of features to support criminal investigations
  • OSS/BSS solutions:
    • Service Provisioning and Activation Systems
    • Fault Management Systems
    • Payment Processing Systems


Beepay XP, a real-time payment processing system for mobile network users

Customer: VympelCom

In May 2007 VympelCom started moving to a new system of agents who accepted airtime and other payments via supermarket cash registers and special terminals, virtually completing this transition by mid-September. Since January 2008 all payments to VympelCom have been handled by the new Beepay XP system capable of processing over 6 million transactions a day. Subscribers can make their payments anywhere in Russia.

The Beepay XP system is the first in Russia to be based on the powerful Kabira Transaction Platform that is used worldwide by giants such as Bank of America, Alcatel, Vodafone, France Telecom and Visa. The system is also fully scalable.