Development and Introduction of an uninterrupted IT Service Strategy

Customer: VimpelCom JSC

In terms of its scope and budget, this project is one of the world's largest disaster recovery and continuity endeavors.

Jet Infosystems has developed the overall strategy for IT service recovery as well as developed and implemented the following supporting solutions:

  • A disaster recovery datacenter (DRDC) for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of all critical systems and applications
  • A high-speed geographically distributed DWDM-based network between the primary datacenter and the DRDC, capable of synchronous replication of more than 35 TB of data; the network is also used for communication between the primary and the reserve computer center by means of SAN-IP networks and for duplication in the backup system
  • A new distributed storage area network (SAN) for the primary and the reserve datacenters featuring complete redundancy of network equipment and backbones (more than 2000 ports
  • A distributed backup system for more than 300 servers with a total storage capacity (in physical and virtual streamers) of more than 2.5 petabytes
  • More than 20 distributed clusters for the uninterrupted operation of most business critical applications (billing, CRM, ERP, etc.)

Nick Rossiter

Regional Director for Russia and CIS, Symantec:

“Jet Infosystems is the largest Symantec partner in Russia and the CIS. Both Symantec and Veritas, which merged in 2005, developed close partner relationships with Jet Infosystems that have been maintained to this day. Since Jet Infosystems employs the best Symantec solution experts in the region, we have been cooperating in major projects, some of them pretty ambitious, even by European and global standards. Symantec highly appreciates its partnership with Jet Infosystems and counts on continued productive cooperation in the future.”