We offer services that will allow our customers to accomplish a broad range of tasks, from repairing faulty equipment to full-fledged outsourcing and integrated information system support.

  • Hardware and software technical support, including support for multi-vendor solutions. The technical support programs offered by the Service Center are the result of many years of successful operation. They extend and supplement generic services from hardware and software vendors. The key elements of our support programs are guaranteed times for restoring equipment to operational state, preventive activities aimed at anticipating and proactively preventing failures, and resolving the interaction issues between software and hardware supplied by different vendors.
  • IT outsourcing services for information system management, operation, and integrated support: from leasing processing capacity to creating and maintaining continuous operation of customer information systems at dedicated data processing and storage centers.

Nikolay Umnov

Regional Sales Manager, Brocade Russia and Brocade CIS: I’ve known Jet Infosystems since 1997. They are a professional team focused on high-tech corporate solution market. Nice, reliable staff, a stable and firm team. The company stands out because of its continued investment in employee training and certification; Jet Infosystems has the highest number of Brocade certified employees among all Russian and CIS companies that I am aware of. Jet Infosystems has the advantage of a full range of partner agreements with our company: sales, support, and consulting, as well as a complete services offer, from design, implementation and training to 24/7 support of business critical systems.