Integrated Projects

Over a third of the projects we deal with are integrated projects for the development, installation, deployment and operation support of large-scale application information systems. Such projects demand coordination among all participants from the contractor’s as well as the customer’s side and call for a sophisticated management model with a team of project managers and design engineers each of whom is responsible for specific project areas or tasks led by a dedicated chief manager and a chief design engineer. This unique model is one of the trademark advantages of Jet Infosystems.


Information System Upgrade Program

Customer: OAO Mosenergosbyt (Moscow Energy Retail Company)

In September 2007, OAO Mosenergosbyt launched an IS upgrade program aimed at providing high quality services for its customers and enhancing the efficiency of its operations in the new electricity market environment. Jet Infosystems delivered the following projects related to the program:

  • Development of an automated payment processing system for an energy retail supplier
  • Establishment of a new automated call center with a customer relationship management system
  • IT infrastructure upgrade, creation of a new mobile data processing center based on the BlackBox technology (Sun Microsystems)
  • Development and deployment of an IT service management system
  • Development and deployment of an information security system

All the above listed subsystems have been developed, deployed and launched in either regular or test operation mode. The program was managed by a special project team comprising of Mosenergosbyt executives, engineers and IT Department staff as well as Jet Infosystems experts.

An automated information system for local police stations (AISLPS)

Customer: Moscow City Police Department

This system is designed for enhancing the performance of district police officers. It ensures faster response to various events, including crime.

The automated district police officer support information system (DPOSIS) is a territorially distributed system installed at each of the four hierarchy levels within the Moscow City Department of Internal Affairs, namely the city, borough, district and local police station levels.

Overall, the system has over 800 workstations.

DPOSIS is based on a multiservice network covering all local police stations and responsible for data transfer between DPOSIS components and for telephone communications between district police officers with other Moscow police departments.

An integrated project involving IT infrastructure development and deployment with outsourcing

Customer: "Mail Order Service" (ТМ Quelle)

Jet Infosystems has replaced the existing IT infrastructure. Support was also outsourced to Jet.

The company made a decision to completely revamp its IT infrastructure in 2008. It took Jet Infosystems just two months to develop a project that also allowed for the customer’s planned growth. The actual deployment of the new infrastructure that included over 50 servers and 14 infrastructural and business systems was accomplished in as little as 27 business days.

To minimize downtime, the server system was migrated during a weekend. Thanks to advance simulation and careful fine-tuning at all stages, no significant errors occurred during the procedure. Over 1.6 terabytes of user data were migrated on time.

At the next stage, the customer’s IT Service outsourced all the administrative and technical functions related to the IT Infrastructure operation and maintenance to Jet Infosystems. Maintenance, efficiency monitoring and system administration of the information system are provided 24/7.