During the past year alone over a dozen implementation projects involving business applications for banking were completed. Among these projects are:

A comprehensive project involving a full-featured Oracle Siebel-based CRM system, the design and deployment of the IT infrastructure, an information security system and a number of other subsystems

Customer: Transportny Bank

The CRM system at the Transportny Bank collects and stores information on all customers and the history of their relations with the bank. The automation of point-of-sale and call center workstations has improved sales of banking products and the clients’ access to information. The system is capable of generating analytical reports needed for executive decision-making.

This full-featured system is integrated with the existing infrastructure including back-office systems, the corporate website, the mail server and several external directories, (particularly KLADR, the Russian address classifier); data exchange relies primarily on the SOAP technology.

This project also incorporated the automation of cross-sales of banking products to customer groups pre-selected with the help of Oracle Business Intelligence.

Jet Infosystems Service Center specialists are providing 24/7 technical support for the Bank’s IT system.

An integrated retail sales system based on the SAP CRM platform

Customer: Ural Reconstruction and Development Bank

This was the first SAP CRM-based system introduced in the Russian banking sector.

This full-featured front-office system by Jet Infosystems has greatly enhanced the quality of retail services at the bank. The project included the automation of all retail sales, marketing planning, budgeting and marketing campaigns. The new features were integrated with the automated banking system and a variety of back-office IT facilities related to credit card processing, securities and so on. The bank expects this project to pay for itself fairly soon. SAP CRM will also allow boost the quality of customer relationships due to the precise segmentation of the customer base and a better management of promotions (customer loyalty programs, repeat sales, etc.)