Data center construction and LAN upgrade at Aviastar-SP

Customer: Aviastar-SP


Aviastar-SP, a subsidiary of the United Aviation Building Corporation, ranks among the most advanced manufacturers of civil and cargo aircraft.

The plant manufactures and supports the TU-204 family of aircraft (passenger and cargo versions). It has been engaged in the pilot production of IL-76MD-90A, a heavy cargo airplane. It also performs maintenance and retrofitting of AN-124 (Ruslan) aircraft.

In 2012 Aviastar-SP partnered with the GSS corporation project to deal with interior assembly and systems development for the SSJ-100 mid-range aircraft.

Aviastar-SP also participates in the manufacturing of the AN-70 airplane and spare parts for the MS-21 plane.


“A new large-scale program of manufacturing modern passenger and cargo airplanes at Aviastar-SP has caused a dramatic increase in the amount of stored and processed data as well as the number of IT users. We started thinking about getting a modern IT infrastructure that could support rapid business growth and advanced technologies. Our first step was to work out a long-term IT development concept,” says Vasiliy Dontsov, chief IT officer at Aviastar-SP.

“After a review that was conducted by Jet Infosystems in cooperation with Aviastar staff and produced a comprehensive picture of the IT infrastructure, we suggested a development concept that involved, in particular, the construction of a main and a redundant fault-tolerant data center, as well as an overhaul of the local access network,” comments Andrey Yashin, chief business development manager at Jet Infosystems.

The project started with the construction of a data center and an upgrade of the LAN to support future IT infrastructure development.

DTN audit

Jet Infosystems began by auditing the data transfer network to identify any problems with reliability, management, scalability and security. An analytical audit report presented recommendations on handling these problems, a description of the target network structure and a list of necessary upgrades. The audit paved the way to further work, namely, the overhaul of the LAN and the construction of the data center.

LAN upgrade

The existing LAN’s obsolete configuration could hardly accommodate additional users and production sites as well as new business applications. At the same time, centralized IT infrastructure management called for a new scalable and fault-tolerant data center that would fit the plant’s ambitious plans.

Work on LAN upgrading and the construction of the data center proceeded simultaneously. Blueprints for the upgrade and a detailed plan to integrate the old and new networks were prepared. Jet Infosystems experts developed a scheme for switching servers and workstations over to new hardware and compiled a set of operation manuals.

Assembly and testing began with the network core, the most critical LAN component located in two key buildings of the plant. Jet Infosystems experts installed Cisco hardware and fiber-optical cables between the buildings, tested the equipment and fine-tuned the migration process. The upgrade had no impact on business continuity. Most work was done in the evening and at night. The entire project was completed in just 15 days.

A switch to 10G Ethernet technology increased the LAN bandwidth by several hundred percent. The new LAN can be further upgraded to a capacity of five thousand users.

“While currently serving three thousand users, our LAN can be expanded almost twofold without replacing the core and distribution level hardware. Accordingly, Aviastar would be able to accommodate new production sites and increase data traffic while maintaining high quality of communications,” sums up Vasiliy Dontsov.

With an upgraded LAN core the number of network-related incidents has dropped virtually to zero. All LAN components are fully redundant for high reliability.

New data center

The new data center was installed in a former server room with an area of 50 m2. Jet Infosystems was responsible for the engineering part of the project, while an AVIASTAR team dealt with construction. Work ranging from renovation to design and deployment of engineering systems took no more than six months; the project started in November 2011 and the data center was launched in April 2012.

The data center features all the necessary support systems: advanced UPS (supplied by Eaton), gas fire extinguishing, access control/video monitoring, structured cabling and advanced air conditioning (Emerson).

Most subsystems are redundant for high reliability and fault tolerance; a diesel generator is available in case of power outages.

The data center also features a monitoring system that tracks all hardware failures. In the future it will be integrated with the centralized security system so that incident sensors installed on all data center subsystems will automatically alert the security office.

Aviastar-SP now has a reliable and scalable platform for future IT infrastructure development.

The upgraded LAN features a high carrying capacity. The newly built data center and its engineering subsystems can be easily expanded to meet Aviastar’s future needs.

“As a fast-growing business, Aviastar-SP requires an appropriate IT infrastructure, so these two projects are a matter of strategic importance for the company. Aviastar will continue its ambitious IT development program. In the future we are planning to build a redundant data center with similar performance capabilities and to further upgrade the LAN,” says Vasiliy Dontsov, chief IT officer, Aviastar-SP.

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Data center construction and LAN upgrade at Aviastar-SP