Jet Infosystems at Telecoms Fraud & Revenue Assurance

01/24/2018 10:01 am

Jet Infosystems invites you to attend its presentation at Telecoms Fraud & Revenue Assurance conference, to learn how Machine Learning can enrich anti-fraud tools in telecommunications.

Telecoms Fraud & Revenue Assurance conference will see representatives from companies come together to discuss the current challenges about fraud (saturated market, new regulation and evolving fraud trends) and what are the most effective methods to tackle them.

One of the speakers at the conference will be Igor Samsonov, Telecom Solutions Chief, Software Department, Jet Infosystems.

Jet presentation will cover:

  • Jet Detective — complex tool that enriches Fraud Management in telecom with advanced Machine Learning technologies.
  • Old threats new protection: using Machine Learning to combat different types of fraud in telecom.
  • Real-time detection of anomalies, hundreds of thousands of transactions per minute — combining innovative detection rules with advanced predictive methods.

By attending this event you will have the unique opportunity to meet Jet Infosystems specialists and learn about the advanced detection and prevention fraud technologies in telecoms.