Jet Infosystems provides IT-infrastructure for SAP applications to Detskiy Mir


Detskiy Mir (Children’s World) has transferred its SAP applications to a virtual datacenter operated by Jet Infosystems. Resources for computing, development and testing are provided using the IaaS model. The new system that currently covers several Detskiy Mir shops is being fine-tuned and optimized. All the Detskiy Mir shops in Russia are expected to join the system in the near future.

“A retailer’s main job is to sell, - notes Sergey Kondarev, director of the IT Department of the Detskiy Mir Group of Companies. – Since IT is a non-core business for our company, we decided that leasing IT resources would make much more sense than buying. Now we have a ready-made fault-free platform to deploy  applied systems fast, and get professional service without hiring any additional IT personnel.”

The SAP applications (already used by several DM shops) as well as development and testing environments were transferred to a virtual datacenter operated by Jet Infosystems, a company that is SAP Certified in Hosting Services. Accordingly, the virtual datacenter meets all the vendor requirements to deployment, operation and administration of SAP systems.  The datacenter is a high availability cluster with some redundant nodes. Several levels of protection are built-in. It takes no longer than 10 minutes to detect a failure and a maximum of two hours to switch all processes to a redundant server. Technical support and administration up to the SAB Basis level are provided by Jet Infosystems staff.

«Detskiy Mir now has full access to the SAP HANA analytical platform deployed in our virtual data center on the IaaS basis, – tells Viktor Novinskiy, head of the Insurance and Retail Companies department at Jet Infosystems. – This powerful tool is capable of real-time analysis of various data from a number of perspectives, which certainly gives our client an edge in the highly competitive market where decision-making and response to customer needs must be as fast as possible.”