MALINA loyalty program offers new opportunities based on Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle Exadata to customers and partners


Moscow. Loyalty Partners Vostok (LPV, the manager of MALINA customer loyalty program), Jet Infosystems and Oracle representative office have upgraded the program platform. Now MALINA partners can use their points to remunerate customers, while promotions can apply to points accrual as well as spending.  A catalog and warehouse management system has been introduced and synchronized with MALINA website to facilitate the redemption of points.

All MALINA functions dealing with the spending of points in retail outlets have been transferred to one system so the process is now managed by means of a single interface that can also be used to set up point redemption terminals at partners’ shops.

These new opportunities continue a major modernization of MALINA that started by switching the program to Oracle Siebel CRM on Oracle Exadata. The new platform has increased the speed of point redemption at retail outlets by a factor of 10. Data are now uploaded to the analytical database 3 times as fast as before, and reports are generated 7 times as fast.

MALINA is a major coalition loyalty program covering over 180 brands. Since each of its partners is interested in additional incentives for its clients, it was decided to introduce a differentiated bonus scheme. To this end, a flexible promotion policy was developed in the CRM system. Now, in addition to the standard mechanism of accrual and redemption, each partner can use a customized scenario, i.e. increase awards during “happy hours”, award loyal customers with additional points, dynamically calculate the value of points in rubles depending on the promotion period and so on. Customers can accumulate special points that can be spent on the partner’s goods and services at a bonus exchange rate.

LPV can also use the new system to manage loyalty programs operated by companies other than MALINA partners. Points now can accrue to customers online and redeemed almost immediately.

The warehouse and catalog management system has improved the efficiency and transparency of redemption logistics. Information on about 10,000 goods is stored in a single database. LPV warehouse personnel regularly receive reports on award availability to restock in time, analyze orders and deliveries.  Thanks to the integration of the system with MALINA website, users now can see all the current changes in the catalog and check the availability of goods. Pre-ordering is also available.

“Our advanced platform that involves Siebel CRM on Exadata is capable of supporting flexible business scenarios. Hence we can offer custom-designed cooperation to our partners who can either join MALINA or outsource their own program to LPV. During 2014 we have moved most of the functions to a single system, so that our developers could introduce new solutions improving the quality and speed of service while loyalty card holders now enjoy new advantages,” – notes Denis Kruchinin, operations manager, LPV.

“This project has opened up new horizons for LPV and strengthened its position as a loyalty program manager, - sums up Mikhail Burmagin, deputy director of applied financial systems at Jet Infosystems. – The new system is fully scalable and can accommodate a substantial growth in the number of partners and members.”

“Oracle software and hardware are designed to work as a package that simplifies IT infrastructure and increases return on innovation. We are pleased that a prominent customer loyalty program such as MALINA takes advantage of these opportunities,” – notes Andrey Pivovarov, manager of the innovative technologies group at Oracle’s pre-project consulting department