Computer network modernization for Cherkizovo Group by Jet Infosystems


Moscow. Jet Infosystems has completed the modernization of the cabling system at Cherkizovo meat-processing plant using Telegärtner products. The cabling system is a key element of IT infrastructure at the plant; it has a capacity of about 1500 ports, 11 km of backbone and over 260 km total line length. Telegärtner connections comply with IP68 standard for solid protection against aggressive chemicals, mechanical impact, temperature and moisture. Cherkizovo plant is the largest meat-processing facility belonging to the company. It is located in Moscow.

“Cherkizovo group makes extensive use of information technologies to automate most of its production processes and control many of them remotely, - tells Vladislav Belyaev, IT director at Cherkizovo Group. – This is why the reliability of feeble-current cabling laid in factory shops is a key factor. To eliminate any risks of downtime due to cabling failures we teamed up with Jet Infosystems, our long-time partner, to build a reliable industrial system that guarantees uninterrupted operation of the entire IT infrastructure at the plant.”

The cabling system fully meets the client’s requirements to architecture (hierarchical star with a single center), capacity, reliability, scalability and flexibility. Over 50 key hardware units are hooked up to the cabling system that underlies the LAN  connecting servers, computers, the telephone exchange, phones, production equipment and security systems. Jet Infosystems has also upgraded the UPS system  for workstations and network equipment. The outcome is a universal communications infrastructure featuring high flexibility.

“This modernization project was special because it had to be implemented at a working plant, - notes Sergey Andronov, director of the Network Solutions Center at Jet Infosystems. – We had meticulously planned all the stages of work, from a review of the existing cabling to installation. Special care was taken of sterility requirements to be met in the food industry”.

“It was the first time our industrial IT solutions were used in Russia, and we were happy with excellent cooperation with our project partners, – says László Vajda,  regional sales manager at Karl Gärtner GmbH – Russia CIS. – As a result we have gained a vast body of experience that would help us with further design and manufacturing to update our product lines.”

The configuration of the cabling system permits gradual modernization of individual nodes, the addition of new network resources and workstation. All its components have a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.