Jet Infosystems upgrades IT infrastructure for M.Video online store


Moscow. Jet Infosystems has built a modular virtualized IT infrastructure for the new software platform operated by M.Video online store. The new infrastructure is easy to administrate and scale up. New computing resources may be added in just a couple of hours (as opposed to 2-3 months before) without any changes at the applied level.

“Online sales are critical to our business. If the online store is down, the company loses profit and goodwill, - says Dmitriy Postnikov, leader of the web projects architecture and quality control group at M.Video. – Now our online store can readily handle peak loads during the high season, while the IT platform can easily adapt to changes in traffic. For instance, the number of orders during the last New Year season increased by 200%. Thanks to a flexible architecture and the skills of support technicians, however, the online store remained fully functional.”

The IT infrastructure consists of several standard modules dealing with various tasks such as providing statistical information, dynamic generation of content, search requests processing, sending queries to databases and so on. This functional division helps identify bottlenecks so that only specific problem areas need to be upgraded. Pre-set deployment patterns for each module facilitate this process. Most IT services are virtualized and have a redundancy of N+1. The services that are most sensitive to response times (processing of search requests, database and cache queries) are deployed on a fault-tolerant cluster of physical servers.

The integrity of sessions is supported by clustered network balancers. For instance, a client can lay away an item and continue browsing the site, while the status of the basket will not change.

The IT infrastructure can also be used for development, testing and stress tests. However, all the computing resources can be reallocated to direct online sales if needed in just a few days.

Jet Infosystems is responsible for technical support, including the monitoring of website availability, hardware and system software.

«Clients rarely report any malfunctioning at an online store – they merely switch to a competitor. Our task is to anticipate any surges in traffic, take proactive measure to prevent failures caused by software updates, and comply with all SLA requirements,” - notes Aleksander Skorobogatov, chief of the corporate solutions division of the Computer Systems Design Center at Jet Infosystems.

Near-term plans include the testing of new releases of the system and their installation in the production environment, as well as installation of a monitoring system based on the customer’s perspective to control various user scenarios (home page loading, merchandise search, ordering and making a payment) in real time.