Jet Infosystems completes the integration of information systems for MigKredit


Moscow. MigKredit (“Instant Credit”) and Jet Infosystems have completed a major IT project. Seven applied systems with various interface and payment gateways were connected by means of an integration bus. Processes and logics of interaction among systems were designed and documented, and operation manuals were prepared. The integrated system covers all stages of lending, from the loan application to disbursement and subsequent applications. It has accelerated application processing, improved general efficiency and transparency as well as reduced the number of errors. The system is used by 2,900 MigKredit employees in 49 branches across Russia.

 “Last year we launched a major IT modernization program to get a competitive edge by providing a more convenient customer services. The integration of all systems was a key component of this program, since it guarantees fast and smooth processing of loan applications. We have also got an opportunity to add new services pretty easily,” – comments Margarita Denisenko, deputy general director (operations) and member of the Board, MigKredit.

Jet Infosystems staff reviewed the existing processes and applied systems, and interviewed a range of employees, from call center agents to members of the board, to get a comprehensive insight into business processes for their subsequent automation.  An IT architecture was then designed for MigKredit to support information flows and integration points. Application interfaces and integration buses were also developed.

 The project was implemented by Jet Infosystems in close cooperation with MigKredit staff.  It involved simultaneous deployment, modernization of applied systems (CRM, ABS, the decision-making support system and others) and their integration.

 “Sixty five out of 86 information flows pass through the integration bus, while others interact directly. Data exchange and interaction between systems follow a strict protocol so as to control and promptly respond to problems. All changes in processes are recorded, and the IT service can get a snapshot of the current situation at any moment. We were happy to take part in this complex yet exciting project that will increase customer loyalty and contribute to the development of MigKredit’s business,” – says Vladislav Portnoy, director of the Software Center at Jet Infosystems.