VTB24 and Jet Infosystems launch a powerful data center


Moscow. VTB24 and Jet Infosystems have launched a new data center with a total power of 1.6 MWt designed to accomodate over 90 heavy-duty server racks and equipped with high-end hardware. The new facility complies with the TIA-942 international standard, the reliability of its engineering infrusture meets Tier III requirements, and its availability is 99.982%. The total area of the data center is over 360 m2.

"VTB24 is one of the fastest growing banks in Russia. The number of branches in our network has increased from 700 to 1050 since 2012. No wonder the amount of information to be processed is also surging, which calls for more and more computer resources. As we contemplated our fourth data center, we decided to use it as a platform to integrate the entire IT infrastructure into a single fault-tolerant system with considerable room for prospective further expansion," – tells Aleksey Tarakin, head of engineering and operations support, VTB24 Service Center.

A former office was completely revamped according to a detailed project by Jet Infosystems to accommodate the new facility. In particular, floors were reinforced to a strength level of 1.5 tons per square meter, and a raised floor 1 m high was built for most communications systems and ventilation equipment.

Advanced engineering subsystems to support the data center include, in particular:

  • Integrated structured cabling for all four data centers [1] that supports data transmission rates up to 40G. A thorough plan was prepared and followed for data migration without shutting down the existing data centers. The cabling system has a centralized optical termination box that occupies just 1/6 of space needed for similar non-optic equipment.
  • The air conditioning and ventilation system is the first in Russia to take advantage of power-efficient new generation STULZ chillers with a free cooling feature.

All the engineering equipment of the data centers (over 100 units) is connected to an integrated management system that monitors and analyzes its performance using a single graphical interface and, if needed, promptly redistributes the workload among the individual facilities.

“Our engineering systems were designed for power efficiency, top performance and flexibility, with an eye to free up useful area for computing equipment and save on future upgrades or defer them. For instance, the use of air conditioners with an optimal power to footprint ratio has saved about 20% of useful server area,” – explains Sergey Andronov, director of the Network Solutions Center, Jet Infosystems.

Technical details

Jet Infosystems has designed and installed engineering systems to provide UPS, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, UPS, automatic gaseous fire suppression, access control and management, alarm signals and video surveillance, as well as a structured cabling system.

The SCS connecting all four data centers is 100% fiber-optic fully based on OM4 and OS2 class components and pre-terminated cable assemblies (12-fiber MTP patches) that allow automatic 10G (an upgrade to 40 G is possible) connection of server equipment without any reconfiguration of the network.  The centralized optical cross-connect termination box with a total capacity of over 5,000 duplex ports takes just 1/6 of space needed for  similar non-optic equipment. 

The climate system employs STULZ air conditioners that feature the best efficiency to footprint ratio; CyberCool 2 943 kWt chillers are low-noise energy-efficient machines that can be launched promptly in case of an outage (100% power is reached in 2 minutes). Indoor ventilation equipment and most communications systems are hidden under the raised floor, while the hydraulic module of the cooling system is located in a separate building.

The server room contains two isolated hermetic zones for server racks with energy-intensive equipment, where the appropriate microclimate can be maintained to avoid local overheating inside the data center.

All systems have a redundancy of  N+1 to N+3. Stand-by diesel generators with state-of-the-art exhaust filtration guarantee the data center 8 hours of uninterrupted operation in case of power outages.

VTB24, a member of the VTB international financial group, is  a leading Russian bank that focuses on services for individual customers and small businesses. Its network consists of more than 1050 branches in 72 Russian regions.

[1] VTB24 currently operates 4 data centers, of which 3 were designed and built by Jet Infosystems.