Asian-Pacific Bank and Jet Infosystems Introduce a Configuration Management System


Moscow. Asian-Pacific Bank and Jet Infosystems have introduced a configuration management system based on HP Service manage software. The solution was developed at the head office in Blagoveshchensk and installed in all branches of the bank. The system organizes information of the entire IT infrastructure to substantially facilitate hardware records keeping, particularly the annual inventory taking that the IT department conducts in cooperation with the accounting department. Bank staff can now easily assess the status of its IT infrastructure across the branch network down to individual workstations and do more efficient budgeting.           

"Previously it was rather difficult to collect data on specific hardware installed in a particular office, as well as on the number of units of a certain model. Since no centralized inventory system was available, we had to spend a lot time getting information from various sources, - comments Aleksey Belyakov, project leader, director of Banking Technologies Department, Asian-Pacific Bank. – This project has solved the problem. It has also made the management of our IT infrastructure more convenient and started the move to an efficient  process-service IT model. At the next stage we are planning to introduce an incident management process integrated with the monitoring system. Accordingly, hardware failures will be automatically detected and promptly addressed to ensure business continuity."          

Based on a comprehensive review of IT hardware and process at the bank, Jet Infosystems engineers developed a configuration management routine as well as the structure of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), the principal source of information for HP Service Manager (HPSM). As the basic structure of CMDB was expanded, basic and additional attributes for each hardware category were determined.  Once the CMDB structure was determined, HPSM was set up to bring it to perfection. CMDB sorts all the information collected so each officer has access only to certain data he or she needs for work.

Jet Infosystems engineers set up the HPSM configuration management module. They also deployed the HP Universal Discovery system for automatic collection of data on servers and its transmission to the HPSM model database integrated it with HPSM so that all this data is sent to the HPSM  reference database.

Apart from HP Universal Discovery, information on workstations is collected by means of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager that was also integrated with HPSM during the project.

SAP Crystal Reports was also installed, set up and connected to HPSM by Jet Infosystems. This system generates configuration management reports at all levels, from individual servers to the entire IT infrastructure.

The integrated HPSM database collects all information of IT infrastructure components. Jet Infosystems organized comprehensive training on the process itself as well as on the means of its automation. Final tests demonstrated that bank staff understood the innovation and have a good sense of ownership.

"I'd like to commend Asia-Pacific Bank staff for their motivation and resolve. The IT department realized the goals and benefits of the project and took an active part in the project. During tests and commercial launching of the system we worked in consultation with the bank's branches across Russia. Despite all the logistical difficulties, we have successfully met the deadline thanks to support from the IT department," -  – notes Andrey Geshel, Director, Jet Infosystems Service Center.

The Asian-Pacific Bank is a major regional financial institution of Siberia and the Russian Far East. It confidently ranks amont the top 100 banks according to all financial indicators.

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