Beeline launched “Mini Cabinet” service on the basis of the platform created jointly with Jet Infosystems


PJSC "VimpelCom" ("Beeline" TM) launched the new service for its mobile subscribers, called "Mini Cabinet". It is based on the new technological platform that was deployed by Huawei and Jet InfoSystems, the result of efficient integration of Service Awareness Platform from Huawei and Jet Toolbar in-browser notification solution from Jet Infosystems. Operator's subscribers are now able to get easy and direct access to their balance information and manage their accounts – the required information is conveniently displayed by Jet Toolbar on mobile devices when subscribers open internet browsers.

The solution is designed to provide access for the whole Beeline subscriber base in the Russian Federation, which is over 59.6 million people. Currently, "Mini Cabinet" widget is available to Android, iOS and Windows Phone users, supporting Internet Explorer (version 7.0 and higher), Google Chrome (version 10.0 and higher ), Safari and Mac (version 413 and higher). In the future the solution will also support Symbian, Bada and BlackBerry.

The result of this advanced integration of Service Awareness (SA) and Jet Toolbar is the complete and flexible subscriber engagement solution. For subscribers it is an intuitive self-servicing tool that significantly reduces time spent on account management, including services, tariff plans, etc. The solution is equally efficient for users of tablets and USB-modems.

Automatic in-browser display of the "Mini Cabinet" widget is delivered by Jet Toolbar. The SA platform redirects all client traffic to Jet Toolbar components that inject user interface scripts in traffic and “Mini Cabinet” appears inside web browser window, on top of viewed web pages.

Jet Toolbar platform was deployed in 14 regional Beeline sites that process all mobile subscriber traffic across the country. The experts of Jet Infosystems integrated Jet Toolbar components with Huawei SA equipment and customized the rules according to operator requirements and regulations.

"The injection process does not affect Internet connection speed or display of web pages in any way and it does not interfere with web-surfing of operator subscribers”, - says Alexander Gusev, Director of business development of the Center of Telecom Products and Solutions in Jet Infosystems. “This is achieved by the unique architecture of the platform. As a result, operator received a complete in-browser-notifications solution that supports several injection methods (proxy-based, SA-based and Out-of-Band). Due to large volumes of processed traffic in Beeline network, Jet Toolbar is deployed in the Out-of-Band mode".