Jet Toolbar provides information to users in Moscow urban Wi-Fi pilot zones


Jet Infosystems has deployed its proprietary Jet Toolbar platform for Russian Broadcasting and Notification Networks (RBNN) to enable targeted communication with users in pilot zones of the Urban Wi-Fi project. Jet Toolbar can deliver user-specific information on local events, city services, shops and restaurants; broadcast third-party advertising; conduct polls and more. The information is displayed on top of the active browser window in mobile devices. During its first month of operation in four pilot zones the system was employed for an online survey on Wi-Fi quality that covered about 30,000 Moscow residents.

The Jet Toolbar platform is installed at the RBNN Command Center that concentrates traffic in all the Wi-Fi networks operated by the company. The three interaction scenarios used today include “Welcome to the system”, “Survey” and “Notification”.

“Jet Toolbar is a powerful instrument for broadcasting information as well as for personal communication with network users,” – comments Valeriy Artyushin, deputy Director and Chief Engineer at RBNN.

“The system is highly versatile. For instance, it can help the police to find missing persons by broadcasting their photos. Also, once Jet Toolbar is integrated with municipal portals, users will be able to make one-click bill payments, file service requests and track their status - and so on. Note that our product does not require any other software,” – explains Elena Fominskaya, director of Jet Infosystems’ Telecom Products and Solutions Center.