“Jet Infosystems” at Broadband World Forum 2014: Everything about efficient network traffic management for telecom operators


Dear Sir/Madam,

JET Infosystems invites you to visit its booth at Broadband World Forum 2014 in Amsterdam, to learn about the latest developments in our top data services management solutions and monetization of such services.

Get the latest updates about:

  • JET products for broadband and mobile operators and ISPs;
  • Traffic monetization and ARPU growth opportunities for operators – see real-life examples and use-cases;
  • Latest and unique solutions and developments in network traffic analysis and management.

Get hands-on experience with:

  • JET Subscriber Analytics – new solution from JET provides operators and ISPs with valuable and in-depth customer information and analytics, to allow targeted and advanced customer segmentation and traffic management, leading to significant commercial effect, including ARPU growth and traffic optimization;
  • JET Toolbar and JET Subscriber Manager – software products for traffic personalization and advanced user targeting;
  • Real-life demonstration of JET solutions for efficient network traffic management and internet access from users’ and operators’ perspective.

Join JET experts at Network Intelligence, where they will share their views and experience about:

  • What information about subscribers has most value for operators and is the main driver for increasing profits, loyalty and creation of new services;
  • Where and how this information can be obtained by operators;
  • How this information can be monetized;
  • How to ensure the fine balance between user privacy and operators’ hunger for valuable data.

Sincerely yours, JET Infosystems