Jet inView Identity Manager launched by Jet Infosystems


Moscow. Jet Infosystems has announced Jet inView Identity Manager, a new product for medium-size corporate networks. This fully functional IdM solution for companies with 500 to 2500 staff addresses 80% of identity management problems at 20% of the cost. Jet inView Identity Manager grants access rights to personnel in a few minutes rather than several days; reduces workload on administrators by 50-60%; prevents unwarranted and unauthorized access to systems; facilitates reviews and investigation of incidents; improves IT and IS personnel performance.

«We have been developing access management systems based on software from various vendors for over 7 years. Our experience shows that enterprise level IdM products tend to be too heavy-weight for medium-size companies. Moreover, commercially available products do not fully address all IdM problems and require substantial customization, - tells Dmitry Bondar, IdM manager at Center for Information Security, Jet Infosystems. – Therefore we decided to respond to market demand with a lean product for small and medium-size entities.”

Jet inView Identity Manager is based on IBM Security platform with key IdM processes such as “hiring”, “transfer”, “dismissal”, “access rights request”, “access rights withdrawn”, “request for temporary access”, “review of access rights”, “SoD conflict management” and more. The platform may be readily scaled up or upgraded in accordance with the owner’s evolving needs.

Jet inView Identity Manager is integrated with personnel systems for access to staff data and with appropriate information systems for account management. Currently the product has 40 integration modules covering the most popular imported and domestic systems.

Jet inView Identity Manager supports various types of user definitions such as full-time staff, part-time workers and occasional users. It employs a hierarchical model incorporating several role types that may overlap in terms of access rights. The roles may be assigned automatically based on personnel profiles or manually.

The system has a convenient interface to file applications for access rights; have them endorsed; track access rights, accounts in information systems, and application status; change passwords; manage subordinates' accounts and more.

Jet inView Identity Manager can generate several dozen reports concerning history and current status of access rights, pending and approved applications, and a variety of other processes and matters. Additional reports may be generated for incident investigations and IT reviews.

“Our new product will have a special appeal to financial organizations, since they are using modern IT systems, focus on security and are subject to regulations, - explains Igor Lyapunov, director of Information Security Center at Jet Infosystems. – Retailers and insurance companies could also be interested since they employ numerous agents whose access to corporate systems must be managed with great care to prevent information leakage. Overall, our system is good for any company that wants to bring down IT operation costs and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to information systems.”

Jet Infosystems has built a bench to demonstrate the potential of Jet inView Identity Manager and developed methodology for pilot projects. As of today, the product has been installed at several companies.

The roadmap for Jet inView IdM provides for new integration modules for compatibility with a broader range of information systems and products.