Power Machines and Jet Infosystems launch a corporate TV network


Moscow. Power Machines and Jet Infosystems have developed a centralized media content management system based on Cisco AppSpace and EDGE-300 platform. The project is the first of its kind in Russia.

The system is designed for corporate media content management and transmission. This content currently includes newscasts, information on business, corporate/external events and company performance as well as announcements for personnel and visitors.

The project covers five separate Power Machines facilities in St. Petersburg and its suburbs.

The project started with the design and installation of a structured cabling system and cable links to individual buildings. Twenty six and twenty two TV outlets were then installed in administration buildings and factory shops respectively. Each outlet is equipped with a 50" panel TV connected to a Cisco Edge-300 video player. All the players are managed by AppSpace from the central server via the corporate IP network. The server controls broadcasting schedules and bandwidth to avoid network congestion. If the central server is unavailable, the system goes into autonomous mode and shows the last locally saved content.

At the testing stage Jet Infosystems in consultation with Power Machines’ PR and Advertising set up content programming policies that depend on the location of outlets. A single push of a button will send different content to production facilities and administration buildings according to a preset individual schedule.

Video equipment in manufacturing areas is installed in custom-made protective enclosure with an impressive international protection rating of IP65/66.

“On the initiative of our PR department we have added an efficient communications channel to our internet portal, - says Vladimir Pulyaev, IT director at Power Machines. – Now corporate information and video news can be delivered not only to engineers and administrative staff but also to production workers.”

“It is a unique project, - comments Sergey Dmitriev, infrastructure manager at IT department, Power Machines. Thanks to joint efforts by our own engineers, Jet Infosystems and Cisco the company now has a state-of-the-art video content management system.”

“The TV system installed at Power Machines was a comprehensive project implying cooperation with the customer’s IT personnel as well as with the PR and Advertising department. The system can be scaled up to include more outlets and expanded to cover all other Power Machines facilities,” – notes Yulia Serbina, director of Jet Infosystems St. Petersburg.

«The system is based on Cisco’s most advanced equipment. It was the first Russian project relying on next-generation products for corporate media systems such as EDGE-300 players and AppSpace. The system features many valuable functions including simple preparation and delivery of content, multiuser access and sparing use of network resources,” – explains Mikhail Khlopotov, engineering consultant at Cisco Systems.

About Power Machines

Power Machines deals with engineering, manufacturing, installation, technical support and modernization of equipment for thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric and gas turbine power plants The company was founded in 2000. It draws on technological, manufacturing and human resources of world-renowned Russian enterprises, namely the Leningrad Metal-Working Plant (1857), Elektrosila (1898), the Turbine Blade Factory (1964), the Kaluga Turbine Factory (1946), NPO TsKTI (1927), Energomashexport (1966), Reostat (1960) and the Taganrog Boiler Plant (1896).

For more information please see www.power-m.ru