Bank of Moscow and Jet Infosystems construct a data center in downtown national capital


Moscow. The Bank of Moscow and Jet Infosystems have commissioned a new fault-tolerant data center in the heart of the national capital. Work ranged from preparation of the building to engineering systems installation. The project complies with restrictions on power consumption, the use of adjacent territory and building density in downtown Moscow. The data center meets Russian regulatory requirements and the TIA-942 international quality standard.

The Bank of Moscow ranks among five top Russian banks. Since 2011, when the bank joined the VTB group, it has been showing buoyant growth and required a major increase in IT capacity to match its business needs. Since its old data centers could not accommodate any additional hardware, the bank decided to establish a new convenient, scalable and fault-tolerant facility.

The bank chose to locate the new data center in one of its own buildings (constructed in 1897) near the Boulevard Ring, a historical area subject to restrictions on altering heritage façades, on power consumption and the use of the adjacent area. The contract was awarded to Jet Infosystems. A world-renowned construction company was hired as an auditor to control the compliance of project documentation and work quality with international standards.

Each stage of the project was subject to preliminary approval by construction authorities and the auditor. The project team started with constructing an air-tight module in the 350 m2 room so that equipment could be installed without disturbing the façades.

Engineering subsystems were designed and installed at the next stage of the project. Each of them passed thorough simulation tests to perfectly meet the bank’s needs. The systems included structured cabling, lighting, distributed power supply, gas fire extinguishing, UPS, temperature and humidity control, alarms, access control, video monitoring, ventilation and air conditioning. Careful calculations helped install a diesel generator on the smallest patch of adjacent land possible. All systems are 2N redundant for high reliability.

“This project was quite a challenge. We had to comply with both domestic and international quality standards, meet customer requirements and put up with restrictions on construction in the historical city center, - says Sergey Andronov, director on Network Solutions Center at Jet Infosystems. – It took a lot of analytical work and meticulous planning to find options that pleased both the customer and the regulators.”

“The new data center means a fundamentally better IT performance to promptly respond to any business need, - says Vladimir Mishutin, deputy chairman and director of IT department, Bank of Moscow.– The engineering infrastructure at the new facility is now in full operation, while computer systems are being gradually moved to the premises without any interruptions in client services. This consolidation has simplified IT maintenance and reduced operation costs. Moreover, IT systems at the bank must ensure continuity of basic services and payments because even a short interruption may damage our reputation and cause financial losses. The availability of a new powerful and secure data center reduces risks related to the operation of existing systems and the introduction of new services.”

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The Bank of Moscow ranks among top 5 full-service banks in the Russian Federation.

The Bank is an independent subsidiary of the VTB group that holds 95.53% of its shares.

The Bank of Moscow has about 9 million retail customers and over 100,000 corporate clients ranging from major companies to small businesses.