Jet Infosystems launches Jet Subscriber Manager and Jet Toolbar


Moscow. Jet Infosystems has established a Center for Telecommunications Products (CTP) and launched two new applications, Jet Subscriber Manager (JSM), and Jet Toolbar. These products have already been used in completed projects for two major telecom operators and in about a dozen projects now at a pilot stage.

Telecommunications have always been a strategic business area for Jet Infosystems whose record includes hundreds of successful projects in every IT area ranging from data centers and technical support/outsourcing to information security, business continuity and business applications. The CTP will focus on solutions for telecom operators as well as on relations with vendors. Its projects will be carried out in cooperation with appropriate departments of the Technology Center (networks, data centers, information security and others).

“Telecom operators today need sophisticated traffic management systems whose components are integrated with each other as well as with the existing IT infrastructure, - comments Elena Fominskaya, CTP director. – Jet Infosystems’ ample experience in such systems (including DPI) and the telecom industry at large has prompted us to develop our own telecom-oriented software and establish a new Center for Telecommunications Products.”

CTP operates a fully functional bench that emulates an internet provider’s infrastructure. It is used to demonstrate the advantages of Jet’s software on commercially available platforms in areas such as traffic classification, traffic prioritization and two-way communication between subscribers and the provider for the delivery of targeted services. The bench is also used for design and development of new solutions, as well as tests on new products and systems. Special mobile units are available for pilot integration with the customer’s infrastructure and field presentations.

“Jet Infosystems uses its own software as a core for made-to-measure systems, - notes Elena Fominskaya. – We deal with a wealth of third-party products and happen to be aware of their limitations. Due to careful selection of such products for our systems telecom operators enjoy higher revenue, reduced costs (including the cost of data transmission), improved customer loyalty and more.”

Jet Subscriber Manager and Jet Toolbar meet the current needs of telecom operators, have no drawbacks of “boxed” solutions and do not affect existing processes when installed as part of a new service.

Jet Subscriber Manager is a PCRF (Policy & Charging Rules Function) software designed for traffic management according to several parameters such as subscriber profile, requests from external applications, session status or availability of network resources. JSM makes tariff policies more flexible, improves customer experience with services, applications or resources that are needed at a given moment, and makes it possible to offer additional limited-time tariff plan options.

Jet Toolbar, a small yet powerful widget, works as a communication channel for fast delivery of personalized information such as offers or ads from the provider to the subscriber. It also gives users a fast and simple access to services needed here and now.

In the near future Jet Infosystems is planning to add SDP (Service Delivery Platform) solutions to its portfolio. These would help operators deliver non-core services in cooperation with partners.