Jet Infosystems designs a corporate information system for EXIAR


Moscow. The Export Insurance Agency of Russia (EXIAR) and Jet Infosystems have finished the design of a corporate information system (CIS). The blueprints include the model and description of key business processes, formalized functional and technological requirements to automation of the Agency’s operations, an optimum architecture for the CIS and a portfolio of projects to implement it.

EXIAR was established in 2011 to support Russian exports and investment abroad. EXIAR’s management decided to have an integrated system that would automate business operations to be designed and deployed from scratch. However, since the agency’s business is unique in Russia, some of its processes do not fit the “classic” definition of insurance. Also, the project was started when EXIAR was at the start-up stage. Many processes and even the overall business model may yet be revised, which calls for an IT system with extraordinary flexibility.

Based on corporate objectives and IT strategies, the CIS needed to be designed in accordance with the “top to bottom” principle, i.e. specific IT solutions were to be based on previously developed process models. In a call for tenders the contract was awarded to Jet Infosystems.

At the first stage Jet Infosystems experts reviewed business processes at EXIAR to identify those that required automation. They prepared a description of target architecture as a set of business process models (9 management, 12 insurance and 10 support processes) and a flowchart for information exchange.

Later the project team developed a model to generate functional and technological requirements to the system as a whole and each key subsystem (insurance, CRM, BI, workflow, HRMS, ITSM, ESB, client/partner personal accounts). In consultation with the Agency the contractor thoroughly researched the market to select appropriate solutions for principal CIS subsystems; developed test cases; prepared test benches for various solutions; assessed and ranked test results according to a set of criteria. Finally, “short lists” of solutions were compiled for all subsystems and Jet Infosystems developed three options for the CIS architecture.

Each option included hardware and software specifications, a set of subprojects needed for a transition to the target architecture, an implementation schedule and a budget. One of the options was recommended by the contractor. Each IT subproject in the set was reviewed to identify key implementation risks and an appropriate management strategy.

“This unique project covers all areas of business in the new institution. While its outcome has laid a solid foundation for the CIS and future IT development at the agency, it will also help streamline its operations in general,” comments Ekaterina Nichipurovich, IT director at EXIAR.

“It took a team of up to 15 professionals (at peak periods) more than a year to complete the project that involved an in-depth review of strategic objectives as well as preparation of detailed architectural solutions and implementation plans. EXIAR clearly has a responsible approach to the new information system,” notes Maria Ushanova, director of Software Solutions Center at Jet Infosystems.


The Export Insurance Agency of Russia was established in 2011 to support Russian exports and Russian investment abroad by providing insurance of export credits against commercial and political risks and insurance of investment against political risks.

EXIAR clients are Russian exporters (including small and medium-size businesses) as well as Russian and foreign banks that provide export financing.