Jet Infosystems provides support to Takeda’s communications network


Moscow. Takeda’s corporate communications network is now supported by Jet Infosystems. The network includes over 200 active hardware units in 51 office of the pharmaceutical company located in 10 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus). Clear service and support procedures under the SLA have improved fault tolerance, reduced downtime and enhanced user confidence.

Since 2011 Takeda (formerly Nikomed) has been a subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, a world leader in the industry. As the company was expanding its operations in Russia and the CIS, it was facing challenging issues related to network support that could be resolved only by consummate professionals.

“We needed a reliable corporate network supported by experts who can handle intricate technological problems with providers. Jet Infosystems, with its competent and diligent staff, was a natural choice”, - says Vyacheslav Komissarov, senior IT manager at Takeda.

In a full review of the corporate network Jet Infosystems experts identified several bottlenecks to be addressed with proposed new arrangements and solutions. Under the support program the system integrator’s engineers update network software, perform preventive maintenance and recovery, consult with manufactures and providers when addressing failures. They also develop manuals and instructions in compliance with Takeda’s corporate policies, as well as take stock of network hardware.

Jet Infosystems recommended to map the entire network and introduce automatic monitoring. SolarWinds software from Orion. This solution turned out to be the best match to the existing platforms and Takeda’s needs. Once the new system passed the test at company headquarters in Moscow, Jet Infosystems expanded it to the whole corporate network in Russia and the CIS. Orion SolarWinds monitors network incidents and overall performance. In particular, information on any failures detected by the system is texted to support staff for prompt response.

“Like with all our projects, this one involves strict reporting procedures to tell the customer what, where and when we are doing. We have agreed on a system of quarterly reports and regular meetings to discuss our response to registered requests and talk about proposed new projects,” says Sergey Malyshev, technical support director at the Network Solutions Center, Jet Infosystems.

Jet Infosystems continues the construction of a dependable fault-tolerant network for Takeda. Besides service and support it handles additional tasks such as installing a redundant network core, setting up a stand-by network terminal for regional offices and adding new hardware to the monitoring system. Network management training is also planned for Takeda’s IT personnel.

About Takeda

Takeda (formerly Nikomed) became a subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, in September 2011. As a world leader in the industry, the parent corporation focuses on innovation to help patients across the planet.

Takeda operates subsidiaries in over 70 countries and has a traditionally strong market position in Asia, North America and Europe. It has also been doing brisk business in emerging markets such as Latin America, Russia, the CIS and China. Takeda’s main medical areas are the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, immune and respiratory ailments, cancer and diseases of the central nervous system.