Jet Infosystems: 20 years in service and support


Moscow. Jet Infosystems celebrates 20 years in IT service and outsourced support by reviewing its experience and discussing market prospects. Jet’s Service Center (SC) is one of the largest in Russia. It employs over 350 staff including more than 250 holders of 1,500 plus vendor certificates. The SC provides support to over 400 government and private entities under about 1,200 SLAs. Jet Infosystems’ sales of outsourced and other services in 2012 were 3,389 billion rubles.

SC services range from repairs on hardware to full-fledged outsourcing of information systems support. Currently the SC supports over 8,800 corporate servers, 2500 disk arrays and libraries, and 4100 network components.

“Our company started providing IT services in 1993. On the one hand, we had little choice, since few people could support the sophisticated hardware we were selling, while vendors offered only warranty service without any commitment to supply parts in reasonable time. On the other hand, service and support at that time was a fairly exotic business in Russia and Jet Infosystems was essentially a pioneer in this field. Now, after 20 years of operation I can say with confidence we are still leading the market. We are proud of our achievements, and Jet has all the competence and expertise to deal with any complex project,” – comments Andrey Geshel, director of Service Center at Jet Infosystems.

Evolution of customer needs: facts and figures

1993–2000 – Early days of the IT market in Russia

The SC was developing in accordance with customer needs. As first large data center projects are launched, the market calls for basic services such as proper installation, system setup or warranty and post-warranty repairs. Jet Infosystems hires its first service engineers and starts organizing dispatchers, building internal communication and escalation procedures, working on policies for interaction with vendors and so on. Supported hardware includes products from 5 vendors, the company has about 20 service staff members and 10 service and support agreements.

2000–2004 – IT is becoming a business tool

Corporate IT infrastructures are evolving, geographically distributed systems appear and computer systems are playing a more critical role in companies. Rather than dealing individual pieces of hardware or software, Jet Infosystems offers integrated systems support to maintain business continuity for its customers. It also starts marketing proactive support, preventive maintenance and consulting services. This period sees a dramatic increase in expertise, with engineers being certified by several vendors. A first automatic system is installed to handle service requests and responses. New regional branches help cover entire Russia with service and support on the 24x7 basis. Service staff grows to 50 people, products are purchased from 10 vendors, the number of customers increase to 100.

2005–2008 – The outsourcing era

IT is showing explosive growth. Customers expand their own IT departments and sometimes convert them into affiliates. Jet Infosystems signs its first long-term outsourcing contracts and develops relevant policies and procedures. More non-Moscow customers are coming; new regional branches are opening in Russia and the CIS. BNC Remedy, an enterprise service request and contract management solution, is deployed. The Remote monitoring center is set up (currently connected to more than ten customer information systems). Over 250 service and support contracts are in force. About 200 service professionals support products from 20 vendors.

2008–2013 – Reviewing IT corporate efficiency

As today’s companies tend to focus on efficiency, SLAs are getting more rigorous and results-driven. First applied systems are outsourced to the Service Center with high expectations as to reliability, service quality and speed.

«The Service Center is a trove of expertise covering virtually the entire IT market. We usually support what we build. Hardly any major company today does not use multivendor information systems. Our service engineers, therefore, are competent is several product lines and we invest considerable money in training and continuing education. Whenever needed, we can second staff from other departments who have a narrower yet especially deep expertise. In other words, the Service Centre is at the heart of events, supporting Jet Infosystems record as a brand that means dependability and quality,” says Yulia Koshkina, director of the Technological Center at Jet Infosystems.


Evolving with the market, the Service Center has become a competence hub that can provide support to any IT infrastructure or component, be it an enterprise system, customers’ proprietary software or system services such as portals or integration buses. Jet Infosystems today has about 10 project teams some of which operate as integrated IT development and support centers.