Jet Infosystems launches a virtual data center


Moscow. Jet Infosystems has put a commercial virtual data center (VDC) in full operation. The new facility is an excellent platform for primary or redundant information systems, development and testing environments, remote backup and archival storage; its resources can also be rented by third parties. As of today, the МВС already hosts information systems for 3 large companies as well as Jet Infosystems’ own Security Operations Center. More than ten projects are at the pilot stage.

The virtual data center service provides clients with access to corporate-level IT infrastructure to meet their specific needs. The VDC offers design and deployment of virtual data centers; leasing computer systems with appropriate licenses; file backup, recovery and access to computer resources via a dedicated line (VPN or Internet); 24x7 system availability monitoring and administration of all resources. Note that VDC resources may be accessed fast and for any period of time; if need be, the size of the “virtual office” may be reduced or increased. The VDC is supported by a special team that includes a design group, a maintenance division and pre-sales consultants.

Hardware and software for the data center come from leading world suppliers such as HP, Cisco, Oracle, IBM and NetApp. The facility is located in a commercial building. Its engineering infrastructure meets Tier 3 requirements and features, in particular, dual power supply, redundance of all critical components and repair/maintenance with hardly any downtime. High-availability technologies are used at all levels of the infrastructure to ensure 99.8% availability.

While physical security at VDC is enforced by means of access control and fencing, arrangements and technological systems are in place to ensure data security as well.

“By launching our own virtual data center to market its services Jet Infosystems has made a logical step towards further expansion. On the one hand, the VCD is a means of monetizing 15 years of experience in technical support to outsourced systems. On the other hand, this state-of-the art facility offers fast and economical solutions,” – comments Ilya Koshkin, business development manager at Jet Infosystems’ Data Center Design Department.