Jet Infosystems deploys an IT service management system at Nordea Bank


Moscow. Nordea Bank and Jet Infosystems have deployed an automatic ITSM system based on HP Service Manager software. The system incorporates a single-window service desk and runs management processes for incidents, problems, service requests, configurations and the service catalog. Modifications management and service level processes will be launched shortly. IT processes can now be better managed, assessed against a system of indicators and fixed in the event of a problem. Communication among IT staff, management and end users has also improved dramatically.

A member of Nordea Group, one of the largest bank groups in Europe, the institution has always aimed at using international best practices. The ISMS project is a good example of this strategy. The system was installed on a step-by-step basis.

The ITSM architecture was based on the results of a comprehensive review by Jet Infosystems engineers. The first stage concerned the design and installation of management processes for incidents, service requests, the IT catalog and configurations. Then the system was integrated with the bank's cataloging system, 1C, monitoring systems, email, hardware inventory keeping and the workflow system. End-to-end user identification was also deployed for convenience. A reporting subsystem was installed for each process.

At the second stage Jet Infosystems deployed the problem management process and formalized modification management and service level management. The ISMS was also integrated with the existing software modifications management system and the subsystems that collect data on IT infrastructure components. Training and tests were organized for IT staff at the bank.

Nordea Bank now has a mature IT support system with a large potential for further growth. It features a complete list of services and incorporates processes based on clear policies and job instructions. Users and IT staff enjoy access to a convenient communications platform. The bank can monitor response progress, divide responsibilities for service and support, analyze IT status and make informed optimization decisions.

"The process and service-oriented IT work model implemented at Nordea Bank is a results-driven tool that improves management and communication among departments and contributes to continuous enhancement of IT services. As a result of this project, the bank's IT environment has also achieved compliance with Nordea Group standards and regulatory requirements," – sums up Leonid Mordashov, leader of the project and head of information systems support at Nordea Bank.

This project involved remarkably close cooperation with the bank's IT engineers as well as senior management who appreciated its value for the institution. At joint seminars we identified and compared management expectations to seek optimal solutions, - notes Aleksey Nikolaev, head of management systems department at Jet Infosystems. – As a result, all new processes were flawlessly integrated with the bank's existing corporate policies"

About the client

Nordea Bank has been operating in Russia since 1994. It belongs to 30 largest banks in the country by assets and capital. It enjoys the highest rating in Russia from Fitch Ratings and ranks among three most reliable Russian banks according to Forbes Magazine. Nordea Bank provides a broad range of financial products and services for over 6,5 thousand companies and over 60,000 retail clients in Moscow and 9 Russian regions. In 2011 and 2013 it received the Best Client Service award from the Association of Russian Banks. In 2012 its management team was awarded the National Banking Prize under the Effective Bank Management nomination".