Jet Infosystems and Power Machines: a year of flawless operation of new SAP ERP system


Moscow. Jet Infosystems and Power Machines have reviewed the full operation of an IT platform for SAP ERP. A year of active use has shown that it satisfies all rigorous corporate requirements to performance, fault tolerance and scalability.

The platform was to be designed for a centralized ERP system at Power Machine enterprises. In a call for tenders the project was awarded to Jet Infosystems who offered the best architecture.

Databases employed an IBM Power platform with built-in virtualization and the capacity-on-demand function. IBM x86 machines used as application servers were virtualized by means of VMware, so hardware could be modified to accommodate new applications installed as early as at the pilot operation stage.

In 2010 the first platform was installed at LMZ (St. Petersburg). Since the project was carried out on a tight schedule, during the delivery and installation of server equipment the software was being tested and set up on similar hardware supplied by Jet Infosystems. After that the SAP environment was migrated to the enterprise system and scaled up according to customer requirements.

At the next stage the solution was replicated at Kaluga Turbine Plant (KTP) and Taganrog Boiler Factory. This approach helped save on design and development and prepare common support policies for the system.

Today the platform supports trouble-free operation of the SAP ERP system at all Power Machines enterprises.

"A centralized ERP system is a crucial information resource that needs a fault-tolerant, highly available and reliable IT infrastructure. Our joint project with Jet Infosystems has resulted in robust SAP services; we have also developed standard corporate formats for data collection, transmission and processing. This outcome perfectly meets user expectations and the needs of our business,"sums up Sergey Dmitriev, senior infrastructure manager at Power Machines.

"Cooperation between our engineers – who were responsible for the applied part of the project – and Jet Infosystems has been constructive indeed, – notes Dmitriy Pulyaev, senior IT manager, Power Machines. – While working in parallel, both teams diligently followed the schedule for launching the system in St. Petersburg and later elsewhere, so the deadlines were consistently met."

Jet Infosystems has been providing technical support for the systems in St. Petersburg since they were launched. In cooperation with Power Machines it has also been working on a development strategy for the systems, specifically concerning their redundancy.

"The current SLA is pretty demanding but it does help maintain a reliable IT infrastructure, specifically owing to proactive support policies. We worked on this solution hard enough to develop a fault-tolerant, scalable and reproducible architecture, – notes Yulia Serbina, manager of Jet Infosystems St. Petersburg branch. – No wonder, since our other IT systems at Power Machines have been operating impeccably for several years by now."

About the company

Power Machines deals with engineering, manufacturing, installation, technical support and modernization of equipment for thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric and gas turbine power plants The company was founded in 2000. It draws on technological, manufacturing and human resources of world-renowned Russian enterprises, namely the Leningrad Metal-Working Plant (1857), Elektrosila (1898), the Turbine Blade Factory (1964), the Kaluga Turbine Factory (1946), NPO TsKTI (1927), Energomashexport (1966), Reostat (1960) and the Taganrog Boiler Plant (1896).

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