Jet Infosystems builds a fault-tolerant data center for Aviastar-SP


Moscow. Aviastar-SP and Jet Infosystems have completed the installation of a fault-tolerant data center. IBM-power server arrays are in operation for the main data center and the redundant one; synchronous data replication at DSS level has been set up. A monitoring system covers all the hardware in the project. The new facility ensures continuous operation of all key production systems. The project is part of an overall IT modernization program at Aviastar-SP.

A key challenge was to migrate the corporate information system, including design documents and digital models of airplane parts and assemblies, to the new platform without compromising data integrity and business continuity.

Two data centers are integrated to form a fault-tolerant infrastructure. A common network connects data storage systems at both sites; synchronous data backup operates at the disk array level. The data centers incorporate a centralized Symantec NetBackup system with an interface that conveniently displays all backup targets and processes to speed up setup, backup and data recovery.

A SolarWinds-based system controls the availability and performance of servers, network and data storage hardware, a total of over 20 components. The system is easy to administrate and may be scaled up in the future to cover the entire IT infrastructure at the plant. Other business-critical processes at Aviastar-SP are currently being migrated to the new platform.

“Aviastar now enjoys a modern enterprise solution that offers business-critical systems robust protection from hardware and software failures, including data center incidents. It takes from 15 to 30 minutes to switch to the stand-by data center without any impact on the end user," – notes Andrey Shaposhnikov, deputy director of Data center design division, Jet Infosystems.

"The solution by Jet Infosystems means dependable IT services that would never fail because of power outages, hardware failure, poor maintenance, user mistakes and the like, – sums up Aleksey Gumennikov, head of IT department at Aviastar-SP. – In fact it has become a cornerstone for future IT development at our plant.”

About the client

Aviastar-SP (Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant), a subsidiary of the United Aviation Building Corporation, ranks among the most advanced manufacturers of civil and cargo aircraft. Its production facilities feature a broad range of manufacturing processes and state-of-art machinery.

The plant manufactures and supports the TU-204 family of aircraft (passenger and cargo versions) on a commercial scale. It has been engaged in the development of IL-76MD-90A, a heavy cargo airplane. Aviastar-SP supplies thrust reversers and nozzles for PS-90A and PS-90A2 engines produced by the Perm Motor Factory and for В-18Е engines made in Ukraine by Motor Sikh. It also performs maintenance and retrofitting of AN-124 (Ruslan) aircraft. In 2012 Aviastar-SP partnered with the GSS corporation to deal with interior assembly and systems development for the SSJ-100 mid-range aircraft.