Jet Infosystems foils DDoS attacks against MALINA customer loyalty program


Moscow. The MALINA customer loyalty program (operated by Loyalty Partners Vostok) and Jet Infosystems have disclosed in detail how one of the most vicious DDoS attacks against the program's resources was repelled. The attack had several stages and focused on web servers and some infrastructural services. It lasted for over 48 hours. The amount of unauthorized traffic directed by hackers on Malina's IT resources exceeded 40 Gbps.

In order to mitigate the attack and restore all vital services, a team was promptly set up from Jet Infosystems' maintenance and data security experts. The malicious traffic was analyzed, and the IP addresses used in the attack were blacklisted and blocked by the provider. In this manner the first wave of the attack was dealt with. A Cisco ASA firewall and monitoring software were deployed at the company's data center. After another analysis of network traffic demonstrated that the hackers had started using fake IP addresses, an external DDoS prevention service from Kaspersky Labs had to be instantly connected for thorough filtering of incoming requests.

With all these measures, Jet Infosystems achieved rapid success in stopping the attack and restoring all of MALINA's services and websites.

"This case clearly illustrates that the productive operation of a business directly depends on how data security is handled," comments Evgeniy Akimov, deputy director of the Information Security Center at Jet Infosystems. "Once the attack was foiled, we suggested that Loyalty Partners Vostok should revise its master plan for further information security development, with a view to enhancing the protection of public and internal services, by using Jet Security Operation Center for efficient 24/7 information security monitoring and management".

"MALINA's IT infrastructure has been outsourced to Jet Infosystems since 2006. Once the attack started, Service Center experts were alerted to an excessive burden on system resources and promptly got in touch with their colleagues from the Information Security Center. Both the vector and the methods of the attack were constantly changing, calling for a truly rapid response. We certainly appreciated the fast, team-based and results-oriented work of Jet Infosystems professionals in tackling this major problem," sums up Denis Kruchinin, Chief Operations Officer at Loyalty Partners Vostok.

MALINA, the largest Russian customer loyalty program, is operated by Loyalty Partners Vostok, which also deals with the development, management and support of other such programs. The company was founded in 2005. In 2013 Loyalty Partners Vostok started a move to a new Oracle Siebel CRM platform.

MALINA covers companies such as the mobile operator Beeline, the 36.6 pharmacy chain, BP gas stations, the Rosinter restaurant chain, Raiffeisen Bank and others. Of late, it has incorporated major online retailers such as the Platypus supermarket and the Ozone store.

In June 2013 MALINA was launched in seven regions of Greece under the MyLoyalCard brand. Currently, it operates offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg and has about 6 million members.