Jet Infosystems sets up a dynamic IT infrastructure for Life Financial Group


Moscow. Life Financial Group and Jet Infosystems have completed a project to set up a dynamic IT infrastructure that reduces the time needed to accommodate hardware platforms for new corporate applications from months to days. Jet Infosystems has standardized and consolidated the IT infrastructure for business-critical applications such as the OpenWay processing system and RSBank, FrontLife and Interbank ABS. Whether in emergency situations or during scheduled maintenance, computing tasks can now be redistributed among servers and data storage systems without any interruptions in business processes.

Life Financial Group's robust growth in terms of its range of services and number of branches and clients required major changes to its IT policy. In 2010 the Group decided to develop a dynamic IT infrastructure in partnership with Jet Infosystems.

A uniform hardware platform and data security mechanisms were selected to support the core banking systems. All databases and applications were migrated to a single external storage center. Twenty-six SAN storage networks were united into a single hierarchical structure. All server applications and database servers were migrated to a VMware, vSphere and IBM SVC-based virtual environment.

The consolidation of IT infrastructure components has significantly improved the utilization of existing computing resources. The distribution of the load among disk arrays and servers freed up considerable capacity for improving application performance and accommodating new systems. A major gain was achieved in fault tolerance and performance, since information systems can now share hardware resources without interrupting their operation. Installation of new banking applications now takes less than a week, rather than as long as four months, as was the case previously.

"Thanks to the dynamic IT infrastructure our banks can launch new products and incorporate the IT systems of acquired businesses much faster," says Denis Garevskiy, head of the remote banking department at Probusinessbank. "Moreover, customer service has improved: should any application server fail, or a storage system run out of space, the end user would not even notice."

"Life Group has a flexible IT infrastructure that can easily respond to evolving business needs," says Andrey Shaposhnikov, Deputy Director of the Computer Systems Design Center at Jet Infosystems. "We are currently working on our next joint project, which will involve developing a network resource inventory system and providing information services under a SLA agreement."

Life Financial Group (LFG) is a leading Russian lending institution, which consists of seven banks (Probusinessbank (Moscow), EKSPRESS-VOLGA Bank (Saratov), VUZ-bank and (Ekaterinburg), National Savings Bank (Ivanovo), Poidem! (Moscow) and Gazenergobank (Kaluga)), and two financial companies (Life Factoring Company and Probusiness Development). Probusinessbank is the leading entity in the group.

Life Financial Group has over 700 branches and more than three million clients in 75 Russian regions. According to RBK.Rating, it ranks among the top 30 Russian banks in terms of liquid assets, the top 30 in terms of lending to small business, the top 35 in terms of credit cards issued, and the top 35 in terms of the number of ATMs.

Probusinessbank, a member of the Life Financial Group, holds a general license (#2412) from the Central Bank of Russia since 1993.