Jet Infosystems creates an integrated customer database for Alfa Insurance


Moscow - Jet Infosystems has completed the second stage in developing an integrated customer database for Alfa Insurance Group. The project is based on Uniform Client, a customer data integration solution from Human Factor Labs.

By now Alfa Insurance and Jet Infosystems have standardized, cleansed and enriched customer information from the company's core inventory systems such as Sail (accounting), UNICUS (retail sales, corporate sales, air transportation) AVIS (health insurance), INSIS (life insurance) and SAP FS-CM (settlement of auto insurance claims) to create a complete and consistent client database of "golden records," which contributes to increased sales by facilitating cross-selling, simplifying insurance renewal and more.

Alfa Insurance Group is a leading actor in the Russian market, with more than 400 regional offices in the country. The company employs about 20 information systems that keep varying amounts of information on insured parties. The lack of an integrated customer database has been hampering the analysis of available data, sales support, claims handling and so on. Alfa Insurance announced an open tender for a CDI project. The contract was awarded to Jet Infosystems. During the first stage, Jet Infosystems engineers had to develop and apply a process to convert all customer data stored in source systems to the Uniform Client format.

Next, the project team started a process in which duplicate records were automatically merged in order to produce so-called "golden records," which contained the most complete and correct information. If needed, the CDI system permits manual merging and separation of accounts.

Finally, the "golden records" database was integrated with the QlikView BI platform and report generation procedures were developed to deal with business tasks such as extension of insurance or cross-selling.

"As the project was being implemented, we were truly impressed with the elegant solution proposed by Jet Infosystems. On the one hand, it saves money by reducing the work time needed to enter data and look up information for analysis. On the other hand, we now have the opportunity to attract more funds due to an efficient marketing policy based on comprehensive analysis of customer data," says Natalia Fedorova, deputy director of the Marketing Communications Department at Alfa Insurance.

"Alfa Insurance has made a significant breakthrough towards becoming a customer-centric company, which has improved its overall competitive advantage and encouraged further business growth," says Gennady Mahov, head of the Competence Center for Trade and Insurance at Jet Infosystems.

About the Alfa Insurance Group

The group consists of the following companies: Alfa Insurance, Alfa Insurance - Life ", Alfa Insurance -MI, AlfaStrakhovanie Medicine, AlfaMedProjekt, AsstrA, Moscow Insurance Company and Siberia SMO. The group's equity capital exceeds 8.5 billion rubles. Alfa Insurance Group is a member of the Alfa financial and industrial consortium ( Alfa Bank, Alfa Capital, A1, Rosvodokanal, X5 RetailGroupN.V., Altimo and others). Alfa Insurance Group operates over 400 regional offices across Russia and has about 16.5 million individual customers and 390,000 corporate clients. It has an international financial stability rating from Fitch and the highest security rating of A + + awarded by the Expert RA rating agency.