Jet Infosystems releases Jet inView Security, a corporate-level solution


Moscow. Jet Infosystems has announced the release of Jet inView Security, a powerful instrument for multi-level information security analysis. The product can easily and efficiently evaluate the performance of the IS unit as a whole and that of individual IS processes. It can also monitor compliance with both internal and regulatory standards, and identify security gaps, which can thus be eliminated more quickly. Jet inView Security combines Business Intelligence and Data Mining functionality to collect and analyze information from various security subsystems and business systems, and subsequently to process this information and to present it in the form of control boards with varying levels of detail.

"Despite all the efforts, including those related to the application of risk management techniques to information security, a lack of communication still prevails between business administrators and data security departments. Jet inView Security signals the emergence of a new product class as a logical response to the current high demand for multi-level information security analysis as a tool for protecting the entire company rather than just its IT systems from security breaches," says Evgeniy Akimov, deputy director of the Information Security Center at Jet Infosystems.

Jet inView Security architecture features three functional levels:

  • Collection of data security information from a broad range of sources. To this end, special connectors have been developed that provide communication with IS systems, business systems and auxiliary systems such as HR. The array of these systems may vary with each project, depending on the existing infrastructure and customer requirements;
  • Data analysis and conversion. The analytical engine based on BI technologies is responsible for associating various data, making necessary calculations and establishing correlations;
  • Visualizing information in the form of analytical panels, relying on the Dashboard module to aggregate information and the Analytics module to link and thoroughly analyze all IS databases. The user-friendly interface interprets the data and represents them in a graphic format, while the Drill Down function makes it possible to analyze these data from the general to the particular and vice versa.

Currently more than 30 connectors have been developed to operate with the most popular IS technologies, such as SIEM, DLP and security scanners. According to the Jet inView Security development roadmap, the number of connectable data sources will continue growing in line with changing corporate and IT needs.

Our modular approach makes the product highly customizable. Moreover, fully functional system components can be commissioned as new data sources are connected to the system. The customer can thus start gaining experience in operating the system and understanding its impact at early stages of implementation. This means, effectively, that deployment takes less time and the full level of functionality is reached faster.

"While performing in-depth analysis, Jet inView Security also provides graphic representations of its results for staff at various levels. For example, IS staff will be able to receive an up-to-date picture of IS processes, parameters of IS systems performance and cause-and-effect relationships between these parameters," says Anna Kostina, head of the Security Management Systems Division at Jet Infosystems' Information Security Center. "The IS department manager using the system will get an idea of ​​the general level of security even for a geographically distributed organization. Senior managers will be able to monitor the dynamics of high-level data security and the protection of the business as a whole."

Jet Infosystems has constructed a bench to demonstrate the advantages of Jet inView Security, and it has developed a scheme for launching pilot projects. In fact, several full-fledged projects were implemented based on pre-release versions and upgraded to full commercial operation after the official product release.