Jet Infosystems reviews the outcomes of its information security projects


In 2012 the company's sales of information security services reached 1,538 billion rubles, a 26% growth over 2011. This is far above the market average of 10-15%.

During all of 2012, Jet Infosystems has vigorously developed its expertise and invested in new areas for a proactive response to the growing information security needs of Russian companies. In general terms, Jet Infosystems' Information Security Center consolidated its market position last year by:

  • signing 555 contracts and concluding 198 projects in various sectors of the economy in Russia and the CIS (57 % of these were comprehensive projects involving design, implementation, and consulting ) ;
  • handling an average 100 projects at any given time during the year;
  • enjoying an 8% increase in its number of unique customers (compared to 2011), which grew to 260 companies;
  • developing modular security solutions for new IT environments (virtual, cloud and mobile security).

Information leakage control, security events monitoring, maintenance and the security of industrial control systems were the four areas with the best financial performance, accounting for 53% of Jet Infosystems' sales of IS products last year. Note that in 2012 the share of projects related to compliance with regulatory requirements in total IS sales dropped by a factor of about 1.5.

Several anti-fraud and income security solutions similar to those previously offered to telecoms and the energy sector were developed for retail companies and banks. A number of such projects were successfully implemented. Vigorous growth is expected in this area in 2013-2014.

The role of the intellectual component grew significantly in projects realized in 2012. The customization and fine-tuning of technologies, as well as support services, accounted for 52% of total IS sales or 1.5 times more than in 2011.

"In follow-up technical support we comply with such high-level service agreements that they may effectively be described as partial or even complete outsourcing. Moreover, as an alternative to using the customer's IS infrastructure, we have started providing IS incident management from the cloud and plan to expand the range of cloud services in the near future," says Evgeniy Akimov, deputy director of the Information Security Center at Jet Infosystems.

Jet Infosystems has traditionally focused on the development of proprietary products. In 2012 it released a new version of the information leakage control package Dozor-Jet 5.0, which can investigate IS incidents and generate high-level data traffic reports while facilitating the work of IS officers.

"The amount and quality of services as well as the very business strategy of our IS center are currently in a state of rapid evolution. We are moving forward with the market and our customers, forecasting new trends for 2-3 years," says Igor Lyapunov, director of the Information Security Center at Jet Infosystems. "The IS market is expected to go through major changes. First, IS providers, who have to meet new challenges to provide true data security, are putting much higher demands on system design and development. Second, the power balance among systems integrators will change. Vendors will directly contact customers and in one way or another take over the job of implementing and customizing their products. Some 'traditional' information security integrators will start acting as specialized IS service providers or outsourcers while cooperating with vendors in dealing with sophisticated integration issues. Others will have to be content either with managing large government projects or distributing low margin projects."