Jet Infosystems upgrades IT infrastructure of the Urals Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Moscow - The Urals Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) and Jet Infosystems have completed the first two phases of a major upgrade to the bank's IT infrastructure. A new powerful platform based on solutions from IBM, Hitachi Data Systems and Symantec has been deployed and databases have been migrated. The speed of banking operations such as credit settlement or credit card interest calculation has now increased by 25%.

A major Russian bank, UBRD was facing an ever-increasing workload on its IT systems due to fast growth. Its offline card payment processing center therefore required a fundamental overhaul.

The contract was awarded to Jet Infosystems, which proposed a move to a new high-performance platform based on state-of-the art products.

The platform employs IBM p780 servers with Capacity on Demand. Additional CPU modules and memory were connected to existing processors in order to attain maximum production capacity and to create new partitions on the servers for the transfer of all IT systems. The Capacity on Demand function made it possible to establish these connections without interrupting the system or any business application. Moreover, CoD users pay only for actually used capacity and have the option of activating resources either for a specific period of time or on a continuous basis, depending on current tasks.

Jet Infosystems engineers have also installed several Hitachi Unified Storage 150 arrays and over 20 copies of Symantec Storage Foundation for flexible data management, fault tolerance and improved processing of requests to logical partitions.

The SAN was also expanded. At the same time, the new servers and data arrays were connected to the network infrastructure (LAN and SAN) and system software was updated.

"The new platform has significantly accelerated numerous banking operations, such as the issuance of international plastic cards to customers or the calculation of interest on bank cards," says Yuri Mironov, Vice President and Director of Operations, Banking and information Technology, UBRD. "Now we have a flexible platform with great potential for further development that perfectly fits our business strategy."

The Urals Bank for Reconstruction and Development has been operating in the financial market for 22 years. It is listed by Forbes magazine among the largest Russian banks. As of 1 January 2013 the bank had equity capital of 12.8 billion rubles and held 95 billion rubles in customer deposits. According to Interfax 100 survey, in 2012 UBRD ranked 27th in terms of deposits, 40th in terms of assets and 56th in terms of equity. RBK rating puts it among the 50 largest Russian banks in terms of assets, liabilities and net assets. UBRD operates over 350 branches in 46 regions of the Russian Federation.