Jet Infosystems increases the availability of LUKOIL-Inter-Card IT services


Moscow. LUKOIL-Inter-Card and Jet Infosystems have completed a project to increase the availability of IT services.

The project involved (a) the migration of the client’s data center and two card payment processing systems, (b) the deployment of a new fault-tolerant data storage system and a centralized data backup system, (c) the creation of a virtual environment, (d) the installation of a monitoring system for network hardware and terminals at LUKOIL gas stations to improve reliability. Technical support for the new system has been outsourced to Jet Infosystems. The project has significantly improved the quality and speed of LUKOIL-Inter-Card services.

LUKOIL-Inter-Card, a subsidiary of LUKOIL, is a leading supplier of fuel cards and card processing services in Russia and CIS. Guaranteed and fast service is a cornerstone of its business. Moreover, the parent company has experienced robust development as it moves to new regions and opens new gas stations. LUKOIL-Inter-Card therefore decided to upgrade its IT infrastructure and increase the availability of IT services at gas stations. The project was awarded to Jet Infosystems.

A joint client-contractor team reviewed the company’s IT solutions and developed a general development strategy that involved several projects.

The program started with the deployment of hardware in a corporate-grade data center that met all the requirements for uninterrupted power supply, air conditioning and fire safety. The new site included a virtual infrastructure with an integrated management center, a centralized data backup system, and automated solutions to increase the availability of IT systems. A brand-new data network for the new center was also designed and deployed.

The next step involved the physical migration of hardware, specialized software, databases, the offline and the critical online card payment processing system from the old data center. Note that the payment processing systems were migrated with minimal downtime. To this end, virtual machine replication software was installed at the old site and a tunnel was organized between the two data centers to completely automate the migration process.

The project relied on IBM, Brocade and VMware products.

The systems were then prepared for outsourcing. All the LUKOIL-Inter-Card data center components including payment processing systems were connected to the centralized monitoring system at Jet Infosystems’ Service Center. Jet Infosystems is responsible for their monitoring and administration on a 24х7х365 basis. The availability of the most critical systems is 99.93%.

The next stage of the project involved the deployment of a monitoring system for the terminal network, active network equipment, and leased communications. Currently, the monitoring covers about 2700 units. The system is based on SolarWinds software, which monitors various parameters, collects information about events, correlates them, and identifies the initial cause of faults. Should a fault be detected, LUKOIL-Inter-Card staff are promptly alerted by email or SMS; information about the incident is also automatically registered in the ServiceDesk system. The project gave the company an opportunity to track compliance with SLA/OLA and with internal performance standards.

“The program has significantly increased the availability of IT services, improved control over systems, facilitated IT infrastructure development planning and the addition of new applications,” says Nikolay Yashin, director of information technologies at LUKOIL-Inter-Card. “As a result, our services have become more reliable. Holders of our fuel cards, customer loyalty and other cards will be getting financial advantages as well as positive emotions.”

“It was a challenging project. A broad range of various tasks had to be handled on a tight schedule with minimal downtime. These included the migration of the virtual environment and hardware to the new data center along with upgrades in the IT infrastructure. We also deployed instruments to control the company’s business processes,” comments Tatiana Dontsova, head of the Oil Companies division at Jet Infosystems.

LUKOIL-Inter-Card, a subsidiary of LUKOIL, operates a fuel payment system focused on Fuel and Loyalty Cards, which may be used at the parent company’s gas stations.

A leader in the fuel cards market in Russia and CIS, Lukoil-Inter-Card has over 13 years of experience with Russian and foreign clients.

LUKOIL fuel and customer loyalty cards are honored at over 3700 gas stations using the LICARD system, including 2724 gas stations in 63 regions in Russia and gas stations in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Azerbaijan, Poland, Moldova, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. The LICARD system is currently being introduced in Holland and Georgia.

LUKOIL’s fuel cards are used by over 85 thousand corporate clients.

LIKOIL has issued more than 750,000 fuel cards and about 2.5 million customer loyalty cards for individuals.