Jet Infosystems deploys a monitoring system for critical business applications in Probusinessbank


Moscow. Probusinessbank (Life Financial Group) and Jet Infosystems have deployed a monitoring system for critical business applications such as ABC, the card processing system, the internet banking system for business clients, and others. Probusinessbank management now receives up-to-date information on the running of business processes and the operation of IT systems,which significantly reduces potential financial as well as image-related losses.

Many business processes at Probusinessbankare fully automated. The bank has a sophisticated and distributed IT infrastructure. In this environment critical IT-services are expected to be particularly reliable. In order to assess their performance internally and from the user’s perspective (by reviewing the quality of business transactions) the bank decided to introduce a monitoring system.

The project was contracted to Jet Infosystems, an old and trusted partner. The suggested solution was based on two software products: BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management to provide continuous monitoring of IT services, and infrastructure and ProLAN Level Five to control the performance of IT services directly at workstations.

Jet Infosystems’ teams installed the software in the client’s data center and automated the retrieval of data on the performance of all IT components supporting the above services. At the same time, information was collected to identify over 50 of the most common and representative user transactions and business operations that critically depend on the performance of IT systems (payment order issuance, cash deposits, foreign exchange transactions, and so on).

Jet Infosystem used the data collected to develop and deploy a variety of performance control mechanisms for each business application. For instance, the ABC monitoring algorithm analyses real user activities in the system. The performance of internet banking services for business clients is controlled by means of distributed simulated transactions that are similar to those conducted by real clients.

During the project Jet Infosystems’ experts also had to adjust the system architecture to accommodate any new hardware purchased by the client. At the final stage reporting templates were developed according to the bank’s specifications. Such reports present data on the availability of services and IT infrastructure performance for comprehensive evaluation of key business processes. The system conducts over seven thousand test operations a day and controls more than six thousand performance parameters.

“Our main objective was to transition from reactive to proactive IT systems management. The new monitoring system has significantly improved the reliability of critical applications and reduced the risk of incidents that can impact business processes, thus minimizing downtime and increasing the availability of IT services,” comments Denis Garevskiy, chief of the Remote Banking Department at Probusinessbank.

“This project is a graphic example of applying innovative IT solutions to business needs. For instance, some applications could not be controlled by means of classic synthetic monitoring and traffic interception. In such cases, we directly analyzed user operations at the workstation,” notes Aleksey Nikolaev, chief of Jet Infosystems’ Management Systems Department. “We have really enjoyed working with the client’s team, which consisted of true professionals. Their deep involvement and constructive cooperation have been crucial to the success of the project.”