Jet Infosystems develops an analytical reporting system for the Center Corporation


Moscow. The Center Corporation and Jet Infosystems have completed the deployment of an advanced analytical reporting system based on the QlikView Business Discovery platform supplied by QlikTech. The IT department of the company will use the system to promptly compile reports needed to handle new business tasks.

The Centre Corporation is a large Russian retail network dealing in household appliances, electronics and furniture. For efficient operations and sustained development the company needs comprehensive analysis of retail processes (purchases, sales, inventory changes and the like). “Until recently we were relying primarily on Microsoft Excel. Reporting was time-consuming, while standard templates were rather basic. The company needed a BI solution to generate reports automatically and perform deep and flexible analysis,” comments Mikhail Semakin, IT director at the Center Corporation.

The platform selected by the company for its BI system was QlikView Business Discovery. The contract was awarded to Jet Infosystems, an integrator with experience in similar projects, which had in addition developed a proprietary QlikView-1С connector.

Jet Infosystems analysts began by reviewing Center Corporation’s business processes and the methodology currently employed to analyze them. In consultation with the client’s experts, purchases and credit were identified as priority analytical reporting areas at this time.

Jet Infosystems’ proprietary connector was used to integrate QlikView with the 1C source system to facilitate data retrieval from the source system, thereby vastly accelerating system adjustment and the development of new reporting templates. Subsequently, Jet Infosystems designed two analytical models for purchases and credit sales. These were used to prepare nine reporting templates for analyzing sales, profits and expenditures, marketing campaigns, and so on.

“The development of analytical models and the deployment of the system were iteration-based, i.e. new reporting templates were given to the client for test runs and feedback. This approach optimized and accelerated our work, so it took a mere four months to deploy the entire system. At the final stage, training was provided to the client’s IT staff so they could develop future analytical templates on their own,” comments Anna Kharitonova, manager of the business analysis division at Jet Infosystems’ Software Solutions Center.

“We are quite happy with the outcome of the project,” sums up Vladimir Semakin. “The company has a simple yet powerful tool for fast and flexible analysis of business performance. Just a month after this project was completed we were already able to develop a reporting template for convenient statistical analysis of outgoing and incoming calls at our office.”

The Center Corporation is a leading Russian retail network dealing in household appliances, electronics and furniture that operates in nine large regions of the country. The company strives for perfection and development. It offers quality goods from the world’s top manufacturers and excellent service, continuously expanding its activity and adding new areas to its business.