Jet Infosystems provides technical support to Kievstar data center


Moscow-Kiev. Jet Infosystems reports the first outcomes of a project to provide technical support to the data center of the telecommunications operator Kievstar. The project covers over 300 hardware units, including sophisticated server arrays from Oracle, high-performance Hitachi Data Systems storage systems, and Brocade routers, as well as specialized software, including an Oracle database management system. Apart from keeping the systems in working order under an SLA, Jet Infosystems is also responsible for hardware and software recovery after crashes in consultation with vendors.

Jet Infosystems was awarded this contract thanks to its experience in supporting large multivendor systems (as evidenced by official letters from clients and vendors), skilled personnel, and excellent support and maintenance capabilities.

Project objectives included achieving fault tolerance, guaranteed availability of information systems to clients and staff, minimization of the number of incidents and fast recovery after such incidents.

The project began with the integration and optimization of Kievstar’s IT assets. Jet Infosystems experts reviewed the company’s information systems, assessed their performance, identified load thresholds and potential risks. This review resulted in recommendations that were used as a basis for overhauling the data center.

A dedicated team of skilled experts in UNIX/Linux systems, data storage/backup systems, and Oracle’s database management system continuously monitors the performance of hardware and software to provide a fast response if anything goes wrong. A service manager supervises the project and helps to handle urgent problems or difficult situations.

“High-quality support guarantees that services are always available to our clients and staff in accordance with the main goal of the project. I would like to commend Jet Infosystems experts for fast troubleshooting and a proactive attitude that reduces incidents to a bare minimum,” says Andrey Peshiy, CIO, Kievstar.

“Because the optimization of IT assets continues, the project is very much ‘alive’ and dynamic. For our company, it has been an opportunity to fully apply and share our experience in supportingsophisticated systems. Close cooperation with Kievstar colleagues who are part of the project team has been a major factor in our success. We have also become good friends with other experts from Kievstar, whose interest has helped us to resolve all practical problems problems,” says Konstantin Kichigin, telecommunications business development manager at Jet Infosystems Ukraine.