Home Credit Bank certified by Jet Infosystems as compliant with PCI DSS


Moscow. Home Credit Bank and Jet Infosystems have completed an integrated project to bring the bank’s card processing security systems into compliance with PSI DSS 2.0. Home Credit Bank has been issued a certificate to confirm its compliance with these demanding security standards.

“Our global goal is to become one of the best retail banks in Russia in every aspect, including products, fast service, and convenience. Information security is an integral part of this drive. A bank certified as compliant with PCI DSS is a reliable institution that takes special care of data protection and integrity,” says Martin Schaffer, deputy director of the board at Home Credit Bank.

The project was contracted to Jet Infosystems, a company with a wealth of experience in data security that enjoys Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) statuses.

After an initial review of the bank’s IT infrastructure and data security processes, Jet’s engineers developed a plan to bring SKB’s payment system into compliance with PCI DSS and to improve overall information security at the bank at a reasonable cost without impairing the performance of information systems.

“The second stage of the project involved documentation writing, subnetting, upgrading existing components, introducing additional security instruments and adjusting security policies for the network equipment, OS, database management system and applications,” says Evgeniy Akimov, deputy director of Jet Infosystems’ Information Security Center. “The project took maximum advantage of security instruments already available at the Bank, while incorporating trusted new solutions that would help the bank to achieve compliance with PCI DSS and dramatically improve overall information security.”

At the final stage of the project a team of Jet Infosystems experts who had not participated in its implementation conducted an audit of systems and processes responsible for the secure storage, processing and transmission of credit card information. The results of the audit were approved by VISA and Mastercard. The bank was issued a certificate of compliance with high international standards that guarantee secure processing of credit card transaction data.

“Our ambitious goal of developing a working DS system that would meet the most rigorous standard in the world was achieved in just one year,” says Yuriy Lysenko, chief of information security at the bank. “I would like to thank all participants in the project and note the professionalism and experience of Jet Infosystems as our partner.”

Home Credit and Finance Bank (Moody’s Ba3 -, Fitch BB-) is a public financial institution that offers a variety of lending services and other products. The bank has 23.7 million clients. Its products are available across Russia through over 59 thousand retail partners and 1200 offices of the Russian Postal Service. As of June 30, 2012 the bank had a regional network of 5,388 branches of all formats and 925 banking machines/payment terminals.