Jet Infosystems releases Dozor-Jet 5.0


Moscow. Jet Infosystems has announced the release of a substantially improved new version of Dozor-Jet, a data leak protection package. Dozor-Jet 5.0 has an intuitive interface, a filtration system performing at 10 Gbit/sec, andseveral new functional modules. The user-friendly package also features optimized data processing and investigation of incidents.

Dozor-Jet 5.0 has a convenient and graphic interface to facilitate the work of information security personnel. For instance, the new version makes it possible to compare the results of several queries and to assess the status of the entire system online. The system’s distributed packages are managed from a single workstation using a web-based interface. The availability of all services is monitored continuously, and they are automatically relaunched as needed, substantially reducing the workload of the information security officer and making the system more manageable and reliable. The filtration system of the new version is more than twice as powerful as before, capable of intercepting data streams at a rate of 10 Gbit/sec. The system has been ported to the Crossbeam platform for easy scalability, reliable operation, and high security.

Data processing algorithms in version 5.0 are optimized for heavy-duty jobs. In particular, hybrid data warehousing implies that only “light” letter metadata and indexes are stored directly in databases, while “heavy” data such as attachments are stored in a file depository. This model requires 60% less space in the disk subsystem than Dozor-Jet’s previous versions and sends data to the database much faster (in some cases a 100 times faster). In addition, version 5.0 deals better with historical data as it automatically retrieves the necessarydata blocks and controls the accuracy of this process. The “sender” and “addressee” parameters are now better separated for much greater precision of searches across a number of message sources.

The system now features new functional modules. For instance, thanks to the QlikView integration module Dozor-Jet 5.0 can be used to control business processes, monitor staff loyalty, and compile clear information exchange reports for senior management with far less effort.

Deep data analysis mechanisms in version 5.0 are supplemented with a tool that allows users to search for documents with similar content and obtain a broad picture of information exchange concerning a particular topic. An IS officer using this module needs just a few clicks to identify the subject matter of any document by highlighting the a few representative words and searching for similar information in the archives.

Dozor-Jet is a “live” product based on our clients’ needs and the latest information technologies, which means continuous improvements. “Version 5.0 is a major step forward,” says Kirill Viktorov, deputy director of business development ay Jet Infosystems. “Future versions will further enhance the classic DLP functionality of this product as well as the tools for identifying anomalous information activities among staff and for collecting analytical data.”