Jet Infosystems deploys an Oracle Identity Manager system at Kievstar


Moscow. Jet Infosystems has completed the installation of an account management system based on Oracle Identity Manager for Kievstar. This instrument streamlines account management processes to drastically reduce access authorization wait times, minimize the risk of unauthorized access, and simplify investigations of data security incidents.

Kievstar employs about five thousand people. Each of them has a set of accounts to access some of telecom’s 120 corporate information systems. The total number of accounts is in the dozens of thousands. In such a setting,account management was a complicated multistage process that was time-consuming and labor-intensive. For instance, a scheduled audit of accounts issued to staff could take up to three months. For this reason, a large-scale project was launched by Kievstar to develop and deploy an account management and control system.

Oracle Identity Manager, the best product in its class, was selected as the platform. The project was delivered by Jet Infosystems, an Oracle Platinum Partner with ample experience in IdM systems.

In the course of the project, Jet Infosystems developed and deployed management processes for user access rights, user accounts, and the role model used to grant access rights to particular staff members. Kievstar can now control each worker’s access rights based on his/her position. The system is fully adapted to the company’s business processes. Probably the most evident benefits of the system are those enjoyed by Kievstar’s call center. A large amount of time is saved when access rights are granted to interns, as accounts are created in batches using an Excel template, while requests for access rights are generated automatically. User access rights are controlled and updated as the worker gets a permanent position, moves to another department, or becomes an outsourced consultant.

“The first tangible results were achieved at the deployment stage, when existing information systems were integrated with the new platform and new user account data were structured and personalized,” comments Andrey Peshiy, CIO of Kievstar. “Oracle Identity Manager has drastically expedited the processing of requests for access rights. Over 50 thousand such requests have been registered since last September, i.e. more than a hundred a day. The new system takes a mere 1-2 days to process a request, rather than 10 to 15 days as before.”

“Kievstar senior managers using the system have access to complete and graphic information concerning staff access to various data systems. Informed decisions on granting or withdrawing such rights for every worker can therefore be made. Moreover, each user is now fully aware of his/her access rights and can request updates in accordance with changes in job description,” says Konstantin Kichigin, telecommunications business development manager at Jet Infosystems Ukraine. “I should add that this major Oracle Identity Manager-based project in Ukraine could not have been such a success without excellent cooperation between Jet Infosystems and Kievstar joint team members to ensure business continuity at all times.”

As of today, the IdM platform has been integrated with Kievstar’s 40 business-critical information systems. All the remaining information systems will be added in the near future.

Kievstar is the best and largest mobile phone service provider in Ukraine. According to the annual survey conducted by Ericsson, Kievstar’s mobile network ranks among the most advanced in Europe. It covers all towns and cities in Ukraine, over 28 thousand villages, all major national and regional highways, most marine coasts and river shores in the country. Kievstar provides EDGE/GPRS services across its entire coverage area and roaming services in 195 countries on 5 continents. The company’s marketing brands include Kievstar, djuice and Kievstar Business. Kievstar is also an experienced provider of landline telephone services and FTTB-based broadband Internet, which is offered as the “Home Internet” service in 138 Ukrainian cities and towns. Kievstar is a Ukrainian subsidiary of VimpelCom, a global telecommunications group that operates in Europe, Asia and Africa.