DLP market development in Russia in 2010-2011 summed up at DLP-Russia 12


Moscow. Jet Infosystems has taken part in the Fifth International Conference DLP-Russia, which took place on September 21, 2012 in Moscow. The analysis of the Russian DLP market in 2010-2011 by Anti-Malware.ru that was presented at the conference demonstrates that Jet Infosystems is the second largest player in this market, with a 25.3% market share and a 42.1% increase in sales in 2011 (from $5.7 to $8.1 million).

“The Russian DLP market has been buoyant over the past two years. This trend will likely continue in 2012, with a further growth of 38-45% and the total worth of the market reaching $44-47 million,” comments Ilya Shabanov, a managing partner at Anti-Malware.ru. “Jet Infosystems in the near future has a good chance of becoming the market leader, as indicated, for instance, by the robust growth in its sales in 2010-2011. Based on preliminary data, Jet’s sales in the current year are expected to show a further increase of at least 30%.”

“Over the past year and a half many large and medium-sized businesses have become keenly interested in data leak protection. More DLP projects have been launched, and potential clients are better aware of their functionality,”says Kirill Viktorov, deputy director of business development at Jet Infosystems. “The development of our own DLP product, the Dozor-Jet system, addresses the current demands of the corporate market and the needs of our clients. While vastly improving the functionality of the system, this approach makes it somewhat difficult to use. Therefore our company keeps working on making Dozor-Jet more user-friendly for day-to-day tasks and easier to support.”