VTB24 Bank and Jet Infosystems launch a new fault-tolerant data center


MOSCOW. VTB24 bank and Jet Infosystems have launched the first stage of a new data center that meets Tier 3 TIA-942 standards. The data center is designed to contain 82 loaded server racks and features an availability of 99.982%.

VTB24 is a leading Russian bank that focuses on services for private customers and small businesses. Its network consists of more than 600 branches in 69 Russian regions. The bank’s robust growth means that new offices are opened and more information has to be processed. This calls for more and more computer power. VTB24 has therefore decided to construct an additional data center.

The call for tenders was won by Jet Infosystems. The project took advantage of state-of-the-art hardware from leading manufacturers such as Chloride, Emerson, SDMO, Panduit, Huber+Suhner and Schneider. Over 15 subcontractors were hired. The project was completed in six months.

The architectural part of the project provided for the preparation of the premises, particularly roof insulation and renovation, needed to ensure a proper environment for the engineering systems. Eleven such systems were designed and installed to support data center operations. These included structured cabling as well as systems for lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, humidity control, UPS, a distributed electric power system, fire extinguishing, environment control, alarms, access control and video surveillance.

Most systems are redundant for high availability. For instance, the air conditioning system has a redundancy level of N+3. A 1 MWt diesel generator provides power in case of outages to guarantee full-scale data center operations for several hours.

“The new data center was designed for disruption-free service and maintenance. Any hardware replacement, addition, or removal has no impact on its performance. Client care is one of the core principles at our bank. We believe quality of services should never suffer because of downtime due to technological reasons,” says Alexey Tarakin, director of engineering support and maintenance at the VTB24 data center.

“A distinct feature of this project was that a large amount of hardware for a powerful data center and all its infrastructure had to fit into a rather tight space in what used to be an office,“ says Sergey Andronov, head of design, construction and support for Jet Infosystems’ Network solutions center. “Also, coordinating numerous subcontractors and integrating hardware from various vendors was a challenge. Careful planning was required throughout the project to rule out any downtime due to late delivery. The schedule was so tight that we indeed could not afford any delays.”

The VTB24 data center consists of two parts. As of today, the first stage including 46 server racks has been launched. The second stage is expected to be completed in 2013.