Jet Infosystems is chosen as provider of DPI platform for OJSC Vimpelcom


DPI technologies based on Procera Networks solution are implemented in all regions where VimpelCom is available

Moscow, August 20 – VimpelCom and Jet InfoSystems announce completion of DPI technologies (Deep Packet Inspection) implementation project based on Procera Networks solution. The solution is intended to perform the quality and quantity analysis of traffic structure, to efficiently manage the traffic, optimize the load on backbone network channels and as consequence to improve quality of the product for subscribers.

Within the implementing program for optimization and development of the own transport network VimpelCom has chosen to implement the DPI technology.

According to the results of the tender Jet Infosystems that proposed the solution based on Procera Networks Company technologies has been chosen as DPI platform provider and partner for the solution implementation. Procera Networks Company specializes in DPI solutions development and has a line of the most efficient equipment today.

The operator’s, integrator’s and manufacturer’s specialists jointly performed the several cycles of laboratorial and operational testing of DPI solution. During these tests the “live” traffic was analyzed in purpose to reveal groups of applications and protocols that are main load generators. This analysis revealed that more than 50% of the load was generated by Peer-to-Peer class applications. Pear-to-Pear is a model of data exchange where the devices connected to network directly communicate which each other. At the same time each of them can operate both as a client and as a server. The most popular application of Peer-to-Peer class is torrent that is a service of data exchange between users. The results of this research are used for designing of unified solution for the VimpelCom sites. In another words specific rules for protocols and applications traffic management were developed.

DPI was remotely implemented on the regional sites of VimpelCom during the year. The Jet InfoSystems Company engineers performed inspection and preliminary configuration of equipment for each of the nodes. Set up DPI devices and schemes of their commutation were delivered to the cities in accordance with the implementation plan, and the VimpelCom Company specialists performed installation of the equipment. After each of the nodes was installed, the Jet Infosystems Company engineers remotely customized them in accordance with the agreed rules for traffic management. The order of equipping the sites in other cities by DPI devices was specified by the Customer: the most loaded channels were serviced in the first place.

DPI solution allows the telecommunications services operator to receive the reports about channels loading on a regular basis, to analyze these reports and forecast loading degree in the short term. Traffic management based on the conducted analysis allows reallocating the bandwidth between applications as well as smoothing the traffic jumps in overall loading hours by means of increasing the duration of low-priority applications operation. Besides that the operator can use the results of traffic analysis for extension of services package by new tariff plans depending on the type of downloaded applications, services quality and bandwidth. In turn the customer gets the high level of service and quality connection.

“Considering the constantly growing users requirements to the telecommunications services (especially to services based on broadband Internet access) the traffic volumes in our networks are considerably increased. In this regard, our goal is to optimize the cost of backbone network development and maintenance continuing permanently increasing the quality of customer service. DPI-solution allows us to effectively solve all these problems ", – Alexey Sapunov, director of the transport network of OJSC VimpelCom, comments.

“VimpelCom Transport Network is unique in its size and topology; intercity backbone passes across all Russia. In this project the mutual support and exchange of experience between the operator’s, the integrator’s and the manufacturer’s commands were extremely important. Thanking to their close operation the solution that is harmoniously integrated into the operator transport infrastructure has been developed" – Elena Fominskaya, deputy head of OJSC VimpelCom relations department, tells.

“The DPI solution implemented by VimpelCom is the first Russian project of such scale. The operator made a significant contribution in development of its business by implementing the Procera solution at its core for in-depth analysis of traffic, improvement of network performance and, consequently, increasing customer loyalty”, – Paul Gracie, Vice President of Sales EMEA at Procera Networks.

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