Jet Infosystems develops telecommunications infrastructure in Nagatino i-Land business park


Moscow – Jet Infosystems has completed a project to create a modern telecommunications infrastructure in the Nagatino i-Land business park, the second largest development project in Moscow. Nagatino i-Land tenants and real estate owners can now enjoy a broad range of IT services.

Nagatino i-Land is being developed by the Moscow Business Incubator. Telecommunications services for the business park are provided by Bigfoot Telecom. The development of the telecommunications infrastructure was contracted to Jet Infosystems.

The entire telecommunications network had to be built from scratch on a tight schedule before the date set for the opening of the business park. At the planning stage Jet Infosystems in close consultation with Bigfoot Telecom identified residents who were planning to move in early and their priority telecommunications needs.

The project involved building the core of the infrastructure, which consisted of a LAN and a telephone network. Telephony services were provided using an operator-class Genband softswitch CS2000 platform (formerly Nortel). In particular, the platform supports virtual telephone exchanges that replace costly PBX systems for residents. Nagatino’s telephone station is linked to several telecom operators including MGTS, Gars Telecom, WestCall and Vimpelkom.

The infrastructure features advanced high-speed CWDM and SDN networks (STM-1 and STM-4 level) as well as a multiservice data network for business applications and IP-telephony with video. Different types of clients and services are isolated from each other using VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) technology to improve service quality.

The data transmission network is ready to be connected to the Internet via a new version of the Ipv6 protocol that is currently being field-tested. Intrusions are controlled by IPS systems and firewalls. All Bigfoot Telecom clients will enjoy access to a VMWare-based virtual data center.

Maintenance and support for the infrastructure will be provided by Bigfoot Telecom. In the future, there are plans to add telephone services (videoconferencing, voice recognition and mobile user support) as well as a support center to meet a range of client needs.

«Nagatino i-Land is a modern business park offering an outsourced telecommunications and IT infrastructure, including communication links, telephony and Internet access,” says Andrey Stogov, CEO, Bigfoot Telecom. “Jet Infosystems has helped us to deliver this forward-looking project in a short time, so our clients can already take advantage of IT and telephone services. We are grateful to the company for finishing every stage of the project as scheduled.”

“Bigfoot telecom offers a variety of modern telecommunications services to fully meet the needs of its clients and reduce their capital outlays on IT. We are pleased to deal with challenging projects that require all of our expertise,“ says Alexey Dogaev, chief networking solutions officer, Jet Infosystems. “We started this project when the business park opening date was already set, which left us just a few months to create the entire infrastructure. Close cooperation with the client’s experts throughout the project, however, has made the project a definite success.”

Nagatino i-Land is a new business park with a total area of over 170 acres in the western part of the Nagatino flood plain near Andropov Avenue. The territory was formerly occupied by the ZIL truck plant. Nagatino i-Land is the second largest development project in Moscow.The business park will feature office buildings, shops, restaurants, cafes, service facilities and much more. A new elevated metro station (Technopark) is projected to open right next to the park. 100 meters away from the business park. The first stage of the business park’s development (52 acres, 8 buildings) has been completed. Its tenants include Raiffeisen Bank, UniCredit Bank, LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg), Investtorgbank and others.