Jet Infosystems upgrades LAN for Aviastar-SP


Moscow – Aviastar SP and Jet Infosystems have finished the design and modernization of the aircraft manufacturer’s core LAN. The work was performed in two key buildings of the plantthat house the centre of the network. As a result, the network bandwidth has increased by a factor of 10, failures due to hardware malfunctioning have been eliminated and the potential network capacity has grown to 5000 client ports.

Since the old LAN at Aviastar-SP had no adequate capacity for the operation of modern business applications and made it difficult to add new clients and sites, the company opted for a fundamental upgrade of the network.

The contract was awarded to Jet Infosystems. Its experts reviewed the old LAN using a proprietary methodology and prepared a project that included a detailed plan for connecting the old and the new network, the migration of servers and workstations to new hardware and a full set of operation and maintenance manuals.

As of today, the most critical component of the LAN, i.e., its core components, has been upgraded. Jet Infosystems engineers have installed CISCO hardware and optical communications links between the two buildings, conducted autonomous hardware tests and completed migration procedures. The LAN core was upgraded without any network interruptions and therefore had no effect on business continuity.

“The plant’s LAN current capacity of 3000 ports may be increased almost twofold using the same core and distribution hardware. We can therefore expand the network by adding new sites and increase traffic without losing the high quality of communication,” comments Vasiliy Dontsov, Chief IT officer, Aviastar SP.

“Aviastar-SP embraces modern technologies to create an IT infrastructure that stands up to its strategic vision and the overall needs of today’s aircraft manufacturing industry. This fully applies to the modernization of its LAN. In particular, the network backbone now relies on advanced 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology for a dramatic increase in bandwidth,” notes Andrey Yashin, division chief, industry and communications sector, Jet Infosystems.

Aviastar SP plans to continue the modernization of its LAN to further improve its performance, scaleability, reliability and manageability. Quality control for application services will also be introduced in the future.

About the client

The Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant, a subsidiary of the United Aviation Building Corporation (OAK), ranks among the most advanced manufacturers of civil and cargo aircraft.

The plant manufactures and supports the TU-204 family of aircraft (passenger and cargo versions). It has been engaged in the pilot production of IL-76MD-90A, a heavy cargo airplane. The plant produces thrust reversers and nozzles for jet engines manufactured by the Perm Motor Factory and Motor Sich (Ukraine), performs maintenance and retrofitting of AN-124 (Ruslan) aircraft. In 2012 Aviastar-SP joined the GSS corporation project to deal with interior assembly and systems development for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 mid-range aircraft.