Aviastar-SP and Jet Infosystems launch a state-of-the-art data center


Moscow – Aviastar-SP and Jet Infosystems have finished a major project to build a fully scaleable data center.

A new large-scale program of manufacturing modern passenger and cargo airplanes as well as the move to digital technologies at Aviastar-SP have caused a dramatic increase in the amount of stored and processed data as well as the number of IT users. In order to consolidate computer resources, improve fault tolerance and centralize IT administration, the company decided to build a data center.

Jet Infosystems engineers have designed and installed all the data center subsystems on a turnkey basis. Vital systems include uninterrupted power supply, ventilation and air conditioning, gas fire extinguishing, access control and video monitoring, structured cabling. The project employed leading-edge technologies for UPS (Eaton) and air conditioning (Emerson). Most subsystems are redundant for fault tolerance; the data center also has a diesel generator to be used in case of power outages.

The data center also has a physical security feature to monitor all hardware problems. In the future it will be integrated with the company’s central security system so that all information from event sensors installed on all data center subsystems will be automatically sent to the security console.

“As a fast-growing business, Aviastar-SP needs an appropriate IT infrastructure. A modern data center is a matter of strategic importance for the company. In the future we may also build a redundant data center with similar parameters,” says Vasiliy Dontsov, chief IT officer, Aviastar-SP.

“Aviastar-SP today operates on a federal scale. Its management has paid a good deal of attention to the selection of hardware for the data center to ensure trouble-free operation. The data center employs advanced technologies and may be easily updated as required by the development needs of the company,” comments Andrey Yashin, division chief, industry and communications sector, Jet Infosystems.

There are plans to outsource the data center engineering subsystems to Jet Infosystems for a year.

About the client

The Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant, a subsidiary of the United Aviation Building Corporation (OAK), ranks among the most advanced manufacturers of civil and cargo aircraft.

The plant manufactures and supports the TU-204 family of aircraft (passenger and cargo versions). It has been engaged in the pilot production of IL-76MD-90A, a heavy cargo airplane. The plant produces thrust reversers and nozzles for jet engines manufactured by the Perm Motor Factory and Motor Sich (Ukraine), performs maintenance and retrofitting of AN-124 (Ruslan) aircraft. In 2012 Aviastar-SP joined the GSS corporation project to deal with interior assembly and systems development for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 mid-range aircraft.