Probusinessbank and Jet Infosystems expand IT outsourcing arrangements


Moscow – Probusinessbank (Life Financial Group) and Jet Infosystems have expanded their five-year outsourcing contract, which used to cover automated RS-Bank and Interbank systems. Jet Infosystems will now provide administration, support and maintenance for four additional systems, namely, IBM FileNet, Data Warehouse, OpenWay and the ABS at Poydem!, a Novosibirsk bank. In addition, Probusinessbank’s data backup system, which includes 65 servers with about 4 Tb of storage capacity, has also been outsourced. Therefore, Jet Infosystems is now responsible for the entire core of the bank’s IT infrastructure.

Outsourced IT services cover system administration and monitoring of hardware, OS and databases under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). For instance, one-time failures of business-critical data processing systems and ABS can last no longer than 30 minutes, while maximum total downtime is 60 minutes per month. With the new contracts in force, the overall number of servers outsourced to Jet Infosystems has increased more than twofold.

In 2012 the monthly number of service requests for all the systems involved has increased more than tenfold compared to similar periods in 2010. For example, 316 such requests were filed in April 2012.

Alexey Pirogov, Deputy Chairman and CIO, Probusinessbank, says: “Our cooperation started with outsourcing the business-critical components of the RBS-Bank system. With bilateral relations growing closer, we started entrusting new projects to Jet Infosystems. Such outsourcing enables our in-house IT division to focus on strategic objectives. While virtually no new staff were hired, the division now features considerably better performance.”

“Our cooperation has been steadily expanding in terms of both the amount and level of outsourced services. For instance, the recent SLA covering Poydem!’s Bank hardware and ABS specifies a maximum allowable downtime of 30 minutes compared to 1 hour in the case of RS-Bank and Interbank systems. Serious preparation is needed to meet this requirement. We are currently auditing these systems with a view to upgrading them,” states Vladislav Anufriev, deputy director of outsourcing at Jet Infosystems’ Service Center.

About the client

Probusinessbank, a member of the Life Financial Group, holds a general license (#2412) from the Central Bank of Russia since 1993. Currently, it has over 7,500 corporate clients and 460,000 private clients. Probusinessbank is a member of the mandatory deposit insurance system. It ranks among the 50 largest banks in Russia in terms of its assets. The institution offers a full range of traditional banking services.